Zombie Army 4 Dead War Review

Zombie Army 4 Dead War is finally upon us. In short, Zombie Army, as a series, will be all too familiar with horror fans. Down the years, the franchise has earnt a decent reputation in the survival shooter genre. But just how does Zombie Army 4 compare to its current-day contemporaries?

Join us as we journey deep into Rebellion Development’s latest apocalyptic shooter.

It’s time to lock and load.

What is Zombie Army 4 Dead War?

Released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PS4, Zombie Army 4 Dead War is a third-person shooter developed by Rebellion Developments.

Acting as a spin-off to the popular Sniper Elite series, Zombie Army pits players against hordes of undead Nazi zombies, with a wholesome host of weapons at their disposal.

That sounds like a recipe for success. And it is, for the most part.

Compelling Campaign

First off, let’s tackle the main story. Much like Wolfenstein, in many respects, the plot takes place in an alternate world. Whereby, occult forces have resurrected the Nazi’s back from the dead, after being banished to hell following the end of WW2.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War

As you’d imagine, with a Nazi-based supernatural shooter, the story is naturally absurd. But in all the right ways. Meaning, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Besides, that’s somewhat of a relief, considering the outlandish subject matter.

It took me roughly eight or so hours to complete the game. And even then, I felt compelled to see it through to completion. On top of that, the tail-end, and its grand climax, provides decent pay-off. On that note, you’ll be surprised and sufficiently satisfied when the curtain calls.

The Gripping Gameplay of Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Next up, we come to the subject of gameplay. On the whole, Zombie Army 4 may not revolutionize the genre, in the same way, Left 4 Dead did. Even so, Zombie Army 4’s sturdy gunplay and reliance on tactical survival create an equally compelling concoction.

Zombie Army 4 Review

Zombie Army 4 takes inspiration from Doom, where the action is fast-flowing and free moving. Stomping fallen enemies on the go, cooks up essential ammo, health packs, and incendiaries. In turn, this allows the player to deal with intense firefights, by replenishing vitals when the going gets tough. 

Better still, with a wide variety of special abilities to unlock, an assortment of powerful weapons to wreak havoc with, and savage close-up kills to employ, a sense of feverish fun is never too far away.

Hellish Horde Mode

Now then, any survival shooter wouldn’t be the same without some form of Horde mode. And thankfully for Zombie Army 4, this is where most of the fun resides.

With that in mind, fending-off wave after wave of fearsome foes while partnering up with friends issues countless hours of fun.

This mode leads to a series of intense firefights and last-ditch wins that provide plenty of pulse-racing scenarios—made all the better when joining forces with friends.

Does this sound like too irresistible an opportunity to pass up? Well, here’s how you can buy Zombie Army 4 Dead War

All in all, Zombie Army 4 Dead War retains the recipe of high-octane carnage reminiscent of its predecessor. In what amounts to a fast and frantic slice of chaotic warfare. With that in mind, Zombie Army 4 Dead War successfully continues the longstanding tradition laid down by the Zombie Army trilogy.

As a result, dispatching hordes of undead Nazi’s has never been so fun.

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