Write for us

Are you a talented and enthusiastic writer? Do you have an enduring interest in creating top-level content on gaming? Do you want to share your gaming knowledge with amateurs and seasoned gamers alike? Well then, you are most likely the person we would take great pleasure in collaborating with. You can become a part of our team of high-profile writers. What can be cooler than contributing in our efforts to make GamePlusTech the leading source of information for gamers? If this rings a bell, then read on to find out what it takes to become one of us.


What you should do

The good thing is, you can write about anything you want. All that matters is that you fully understand and have total command of the gaming field you are writing about. It is also crucial to express your material and ideas accurately. Have facts that will educate rather than mislead the reader.

Once you have this set, you can reach out to us; make use of the contact form. You can send your article, and wait for our feedback. We usually get back to guest writers in about two business days. From there we can discuss any further details necessary moving forward.

Remember, we usually have a huge number of inquiries coming in. Therefore, we consider the posts that our editors feel are more relevant to the field. These ones get the top priority. Sometime we may not have established contact with you in about five days after you submitted your content. This could mean we are not able to work with you at the time.

For quality purposes, you check to ensure the content you submit doesn’t have grammatical and syntax errors. Also, keep in mind that we will conduct plagiarism checks on all guest posts we receive.  If we will be in long-term collaboration with you as a writer, we might ask for your picture.

Lastly, you are free to pick any images you want to use on the content by yourself. Nevertheless, this is not a requirement you are obliged to fulfill.

What to note

A do-follow link to any text that features commercial content will be necessary.
Please, we would like to make this clear. We are not setting out to work with either individuals or agencies that write for payments. And for anyone who might be looking for the same, we are sorry to say, but we do not offer such services.