Why is My Internet So Slow All of a Sudden

You’re not the only one asking that question right now. There’re several reasons why your connection could be taking a hit. Even the best internet gaming router could experience crippling connectivity issues, so you’ve got to be attentive.

With the info in this piece, you’ll know why your connection currently moves slower than a turtle.

And that’s not all!

Practical tips that’ll help boost your connection speed get spelled out for your convenience. When you’re through, getting a faster internet uplink becomes more comfortable to manage.

Why Your Internet May Be Slow

You’re Living in a Location with Multiple Dead Zones

Dead zones could cause numerous issues to your internet uplink. When you’re living in a secluded area and limited ISP coverage, expect several connectivity issues.

But there’re some dead spots with considerable support for wireless internet connectivity. If you live in such areas, there’s little you can do to boost your connection speed to match that of urban centers.

Airwave Congestion

Your Wi-Fi router may be in top condition, all settings are in place, and you still get a poor connection. What’s happening may not be from your end.

The server you’re connecting with could be a significant issue. Several servers have to deal with thousands of requests at the same time. With such demands on these addresses’ servers, it could be challenging to match your connection speed.

Distance between Devices

When you’ve got your space set up to link with a single Wi-Fi router, distance could be a problem. A more extensive area could limit the link-up potential of your devices to your router.

Other Issues

Important issues such as a limited router range, obstacles between devices and more make connections rather sluggish.

How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection

Using a Wi-Fi Booster

A Wi-Fi booster could solve incessant problems of limited Wi-Fi connectivity. Boosters amplify the existing signals to your router, assuring you a better internet link-up.

In most cases, boosters work where there’s a limited connectivity potential with minimal interference.

Securing Your Link-Up

More often than not, a lot of internet users fail to secure their Wi-Fi connection. So, if you’re experiencing a slow connection several hours per day, a neighbor could be stealing your uplink.

Securing your router is super-comfortable, as several Wi-Fi devices feature password protection. Protecting your router restricts unauthorized access, keeping your router’s speed intact.

Ensure your password is personal and can’t be easily guessed to avoid a recurrent slow signal.

Inspect all Your Wi-Fi Connected Devices

Checking out your connected devices is another great way to discover a slow connection and fix it up. If you’re a download geek, chances are you left several downloads on across your devices. Shutting off some downloads frees up your router, promoting a more significant internet boost.

Resetting Your Router

Have you tried a ton of stuff with little success? Why not get your Wi-Fi router rolled back to its factory settings.

Resetting your router will revert any changes likely to be impeding your internet speed. Most Wi-Fi routers feature a reset button on its front or back panel. After the router gets reset, you’ll need to get your custom settings selected and register a new password.

Router Placement

How your router is located in your space determines its link-up with all devices. Placing your router in a hidden corner could limit its speed potential delivery.

The best place to put your router in your home or office is at a central position. Some users prefer placing the router away from obstacles to boost their link-up potential.

Router Restart

Restarting your router removes any lags capable of stunting your internet connectivity. Getting your router a quick restart should be the first port of call when you’re getting a constant poor connection.

Monitoring Background Apps

Apps with background download capacity make getting a fast connection super-tricky. Make sure devices connected to your router aren’t set up to auto-download items.

Check Out Your Devices’ Battery Saver Settings

Battery saving settings on your devices could function as limiters to your router’s speed. Check out the battery saver feature on your devices, ensuring your internet speed isn’t stunted in any way.

Update Your Wi-Fi

If you’re living in an area fitted with a massive collection of high-frequency appliances, you’ve got to check this out. Microwaves and some other home appliances operate at a 2.4GHz frequency.

Interference from these units could be the reason why your internet is so darn sluggish. You can’t possibly throw out your home appliances to get better internet, can you?

So, think about getting a massive router upgrade. Consider opting for a 5GHz that guarantees more bandwidth, device connectivity, and minimal interference. These routers cost more, but you’re not expected to break the bank for a perfect choice.


How do I fix slow Wi-Fi at home?

  • Restart your Wi-Fi
  • Check your devices for unfinished downloads
  • Move the router to a spacious, central part of your home
  • Shift router away from metals and concrete structures
  • Don’t place routers close to a microwave oven or cellular devices

Do Wi-Fi boosters work?

Wi-Fi boosters work in areas where there’s limited support for enhanced internet link-up. Its amplification potential provides significant gains for your connected devices.

What is a good Wi-Fi speed?

Steady internet connections higher than 20Mbps is a good speed, depending on your intended link-up devices. Routers with more than five users having multiple devices should possess a 120 – 300Mbps standard rate.

Will a Wi-Fi booster stop buffering?

Buffering could get limited by a Wi-Fi booster, but the number of connected devices could limit its effectiveness.

Final Word

You’re sure not to ask why is my internet so slow all of a sudden after this. Getting a faster internet uplink becomes natural to manage, making excellent speeds super-common.

And with what you’ve got right here, doling out internet connectivity info will come naturally to you every time!

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