The Ultimate Deal On Types of Gaming Chairs

A gaming chair is an office chair that is designed for the comfort of playing video games. That doesn’t mean that you only have to use them for gaming, but that is what most companies are advertising. This is also because many of these gaming chair companies will sponsor high profile gamers with these expensive chairs. You may think that this might just be an office chair however, there are certain key features that make them stand out among the typical crowd of chairs.

Many of them will have a black color with a bright color to compliment the black. For example, many of the sub colors are red, but they may also come in shades of blue, green, yellow and white, many of these gaming chairs also come with two pillows for comfort.

One of these pillows is for the lower back, and the other is for the back of your head. Depending on the company, the chair will come with and foot rest but the actual comfort may vary on the chair itself. The metal frames of the chairs are very synonymous with gaming and will be recognizable to anyone who currently plays video games. Most of these chairs do not have a mesh back that’s perforated.

The chairs that will be discussed in this article are going have many differentiating features at different price points, so that almost anyone

Swivel Executive Racing Chair

This is a great chair for people who are on a budget and just want a chair to sit on. It is priced at $57.88 and comes with some impressive features that you should look for in any gaming chair. Such as a gas lift for changing the height that you want to use.

The wheels also move in 360 degrees which makes it good for working on any wooden floor. The assembly process typically takes around 15 minutes, but if you don’t want to do that you can pay $69.18. However, this chair has a weight limit of 250 pounds. So if your current weight exceeds that limit, perhaps this isn’t the chair for you

There are also some designs/colors that are available, but they cost more than the standard chair. The red, camo and grey designs are all $79.99. However, the silver colorway is priced at $74.88. Overall, this is a great chair if you are just getting into PC gaming and don’t want to break the bank.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

GT racing is one of the most popular gaming chairs and offers a median price point of $149.99 for the red colorway. This is a great chair for the price, its a few hundred dollars cheaper than the top tiers that everyone sees, but a bigger budget allows for more features.

With this chair, you have an above-average gas list, a reclining function, 6 wheels that go in 360 degrees and very comfortable armrests. Not only do you have that but, it has two very comforting pillows that can be taken off based on your preferences. You can recline and allow yourself to sit in a multitude of positions. More than anything, it has the iconic gaming chair aesthetic that is so recognizable these days.

However, are some cons that you should be aware of? The price of $149.99 might be a bit too steep for the average consumer to invest in if this is their first chair. And on top of that, assembling this chair is going to take a long time if you aren’t familiar with how office chairs work. But overall it’s a really good chair with some nice looking designs that will look good even a year later.

KILLABEE Reclining Memory Foam Racing Gaming Chair

The thing to immediately talk about with this chair is that it used to cost $299.99 and now has been reduced to $169.99.This chair doesn’t have the head pillow that the head pillow most chairs typically have but makes up for it in almost every other feature. It has one of the biggest back pillows that you will ever see.

The armrest also has a special curve that the majority of these chairs have. The other chairs have great metal frames but the cushion tends to be lacking. But in the case of this chair, there is a lot more cushion for you. That means you’ll be able to sit down for longer periods on your chair without hurting.

You can also recline the chair to a 175-degree angle. This means that you can pretty much completely lay on your back. This is great is you just want to go to sleep, but you aren’t in a position to do so. Thankfully, when it comes to assembly, the company has a YouTube video with a step-by-step process of how to set up the gaming chair. However, if that’s still too complicated, you can just request that the chair gets assembled for an extra price.

Ewin Gaming Chair

This chair is similar to the other beginning chairs and is something that is still approachable by anyone. The frame is something that is better than the cheaper options because it is more suited for the average body. It also has some of the best cushions that you will ever feel. It has high-density foam which is definitely one of the most defining aspects of this chair. The Premium PU leather has a quality that lets you know that you are getting your money’s worth.

The armrests can be turned and raised based on what you want. The head pillow is a little bit small but will cover most of your head. The back pillow is massive and will cover the majority of your back.

This chair also has a weight limit of 330 pounds which is more than what the other chairs had most customers won’t have to worry about that limit and this should only be a concern in extreme cases. The chair is also really helpful with a guide that helps you assemble the chair in less than 30 minutes. It’s listed at a price point of $289.00

RESPAWN-900 Racing

This chair is special in the fact that it’s really more suited for a lounge area or a basement. It’s not something that should be used if there are going to be other people playing with chairs on wheels. Unfortunately, this chair doesn’t have a back pillow and only has a pillow for the head portion as well as the neck.

It also has more casual armrest, designed for long playing sessions. In fact, it has one a cup holder that is pretty deep. This makes sure that you won’t have to take a break to drink, which is great if a cut scene comes up. As a con, it doesn’t have any wheels because it’s meant to stay in one place for a long time.

The surface also has a great texture that is compatible with any skin texture. This is to make sure that almost no uncomfortable rubbing is caused when you sit on this seat. It has a weight limit that cannot exceed 275 pounds. This one of the different types of gaming chairs that you won’t see every day. It is priced at $294.54

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DXRacer Racing Series

The DXRacer gaming chair is arguably the most iconic of all the gaming chairs. If you watched high profile gamer, chances are you’ve seen someone who sits in this chair. It is immediately recognizable and almost every chair has taken some influence from DXRacer. Not only is this one of the most comfortable.

Many of the gaming chair companies have taken the approach of using a back and head pillow. But DXRacer boasts about their designs and comfort. Even if you were to remove the company logos, you could probably recognize the DXRacer chair because their designs are so iconic.

Not only is this chair going to last you years, but it also has some of the best comforts you will experience in any chair in general. The backrest is only adjustable to 135 degrees, however. This is a major step back from the other chair which gave you 175 degrees of rest. It also comes in four different colors in case you aren’t the biggest fan of red. The immediate con of this chair is its price point of $369.00 which is incredibly steep when you consider that there are so many other options.


There are many different chairs that you may satisfy what you’re looking for the first thing you should Mk however, is ‘What makes a gaming chair different?”. This is a very important question if you plan to spend hundreds of dollars on one of these chairs.

You should look at your budget first. Generally, the cheaper chairs aren’t made with as much foam which is less comfortable. The more expensive chairs are going to give you more features that are made longer gaming sessions. The important thing to remember is that just because a chair is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s a better product than a cheaper chair.

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