is 3000 mhz ram good

In terms of performance, DDR4-3000 RAM is faster than DDR4-2133 (the minimum standard for DDR4 memory) but may not offer as much of a performance boost as higher frequency RAM such as DDR4-3200 or DDR4-3600 Whether or not DDR4-3000 RAM is good for a particular system depends on the system’s specific requirements and the type … Read more

10gb VRAM enough for 1440p

10gb vram enough for 1440p

It is generally recommended to have at least 4GB of VRAM for 1440p gaming. However, the amount of VRAM you need can depend on the specific games you are playing, the settings you are using, and the performance you are expecting. For example, if you are playing less demanding games or using lower graphics settings, … Read more

foam barrier for liquid metal laptop

foam barrier for liquid metal laptop

A foam barrier for a liquid metal laptop could be used to prevent the liquid metal from coming into contact with certain components or materials within the laptop. The foam would act as a physical barrier, and its porous structure would allow it to absorb any liquid metal that might come into contact with it. … Read more

Best Cars To Flip In Forza Horizon 5

Welcome to our guide on the best cars to flip in Forza Horizon 5! If you’re new to the game, car flipping is a popular way to earn credits and improve your garage. By buying low and selling high, you can turn a profit on the cars you acquire in the game. However, it’s important … Read more

Why are PC Games Cheaper

One reason is that PC games can be sold through a variety of digital distribution platforms, such as Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store, which can offer discounts and sales more frequently than physical retailers. These digital stores also often offer bulk discounts for purchasing multiple games at once. Another reason is that PC … Read more

Is 850w Enough For 3080

Yes, an 850 watt power supply should be sufficient to power a system with a NVIDIA GeForce 3080 graphics card. The 3080 has a power draw of 320 watts, and a typical gaming PC system will have a total power draw of around 500-700 watts, depending on the specific components and their power requirements. An … Read more

Logitech On Board Memory Manager

On-board memory management refers to the ability of a device to store and access data directly on its own memory, rather than relying on external storage devices or a connected computer. This can be particularly useful for devices that are used frequently or on the go, as it allows users to access their saved settings … Read more

Jedi Fallen Order Graphics Bad

“FPS drops and lag can be frustrating for players of any game, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is no exception. Whether you’re trying to defeat a tough enemy or just exploring the beautiful environments in the game, a sudden drop in frame rate or delay in input can ruin the immersion and make it … Read more

Aura Addressable Gen 2 Header

AURA Addressable Gen 2 headers are a type of header found on some motherboards that are designed to work with addressable RGB (aRGB) lighting systems. These headers use a different type of connector and protocol than standard RGB headers, and they allow for more precise control over individual LEDs in aRGB lighting devices. Lighting can … Read more

Warzone Only Using 50 GPU

Warzone is a popular first-person shooter game that is known for its high-quality graphics and intense gameplay. The graphics processing unit (GPU) is an important component in any system that is running Warzone, as it is responsible for rendering the images and video displayed on the screen. If the GPU is not functioning correctly or … Read more

Difference Between Gaming Monitor vs Regular Monitor

What’s the difference between gaming monitor vs regular monitor

Gaming monitors and regular monitors have many features in common but also have key differences. Gaming monitors are specially designed for gaming, with features like 144Hz refresh rates, 1ms response time, adaptive sync, and g-sync. Regular monitors are designed for general use, with features like 60Hz refresh rates, 8ms response time, and no adaptive sync … Read more

7 Gaming Accessories to Improve Your Experience

7 Gaming Accessories to Improve Your Experience

There is no denying that video games are a popular pastime. More and more people of different demographics are discovering the joys of gaming. The sudden growth in popularity was quite noticeable during the pandemic when people were looking for a fun way to make more out of the free time they got. This discovery … Read more

What Motherboard Do I Need For i5 9600k?

What motherboard do I need for i5 9600k

To get the most out of your Intel processor, you will need a motherboard compatible with it. The Intel I5 9600K CPU uses the LGA 1151 socket and the Z370 chipset. What motherboard will depend on your computer’s needs, and what parts do you already have?  Today’s performance processors are powerful enough to handle almost … Read more

Do You Need a Gaming PC to Play Poker?

Do You Need a Gaming PC to Play Poker

For some time now, arguments for the supremacy of gaming on a PC versus a console have been gaining steam. While there is no objective truth to the idea of one option being definitely better than the other, the general perception is increasingly that the most serious gamers opt for PCs. This is primarily on … Read more

Explore macOS to Learn New Things You Might Have Missed

Apple keeps on updating the existing features and adding new ones to its macOS lineup. These features and upgrades are meant to improve your system’s productivity so that you can get the best performance ever. As a Mac user, you should be familiar with certain features, but there’s something new to explore with each upcoming … Read more

How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New

How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New

The GPU is the soul of the CPU which can make image rendering and buffering faster Unlike what most people think, it is not just suitable for gaming applications but also for various business applications that need 30 graphics. If you already have a GPU in your machine, you might have noticed that their performance … Read more

How to Enable Motherboard HDMI

How to Enable Motherboard HDMI

How to enable motherboard HDMI shouldn’t be something difficult. Virtually all motherboards come with an HDMI output port that you will find at the back. Since the HDMI port is located at the back, hardly can you have any issue with it. Nevertheless, some central processing units (CPU) don’t have integrated graphics, but if yours … Read more

Unrivaled Cooling Power: Dark Rock Pro 4 vs NH-D15

Dark Rock Pro 4 vs NH-D15

Since Noctua released their air cooler patent for public use in 2009, other high-end brands have flooded the market. With a wide range of options now available to buyers, it’s challenging to make a quick choice. Several advancements since Noctua’s release have brought new twists to the air cooling industry. These newer brands eventually outclassed … Read more

120mm vs 140mm Fans – Which Should You Choose

120mm vs 140mm fans

Getting the right fans set up in your PC aids in more comfortable cooling and heat management. Several components in your PC need constant cooling to avoid overheating and subsequent damage. When undecided among cooling options, most PC builders opt for fans. And with 120mm vs. 140m fans coming in as preferred by DIY PC … Read more