Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review – Don’t Buy Before Reading

Gaming isn’t just restricted to sitting on the couch while gradually becoming a tub of lard when playing your favorite action/adventure, it’s gotten much higher.

Right now, the gaming industry can be said to be a multi-billion dollar business, and as it happens, players are having a good slice of the cash pie.

This Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review will give you more hints if you’re looking to gain from your gaming expertise. A gaming chair will also come in handy when you just want to enjoy games in the comfort of your home with more comfort and lesser interference.

It’s a fact you don’t just want to play games for the fun of it alone, it’s a sure thing you want profits. To make profits from gaming, you need access to the finest accessories money can buy. And there’s no better option right now than getting a gaming chair!

An ideal choice for a gaming chair is the Respawn 110. It packs all the exciting features you need in a gaming chair for tall person, and medium height gamers will also find it handy.

With this chair, there’s no reason to check the difference between Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan, the Respawn 110’s got it all.

There’s a mountain of exciting features this set provides, and we’ll take a look at them all in detail right here. Let’s go!

Respawn Gaming Chair RSP 110 Review

Beautiful ergonomic design
Armrests are easy to rest on
Headrest pillow included
Odor potential
Rollers may get stressed under much weight exertion


Everyone needs something different from a gaming chair, and it’s best when the chair could provide universal satisfaction. With all the facts laid out concerning any product, gaming chairs inclusive, making an informed choice becomes so natural and effortless!

Since there are lots of customers with varying needs, the perfect way to show what this chair can do is through laying out the specs that are so cool and interesting. Here they are;

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When you’ve seen the specs above, it’s hard not to love this gaming chair in an instant. It has all the makings of a race-style chair that could get you all the gaming ease you’ve been longing for.

With the leaderboards of your favorite game your target, seeing the specs alone may not be enough. It’s a fact that you’ll want to see how purchasing this gaming seat will help you climb the ladder and stand out among the competition.


Bonded leather is the gold standard for upholstering gaming chairs. Due to its resistance to excessive moisture and high tear-resistance potential, there’s no better material in the market right now.

Another exciting feature from this covering is its

. When you’re on this chair, it becomes more difficult for sweat and grime build-up, as we know you’d have to be on that chair for several hours, at least!

Apart from the useful features of the bonded leather finishing, there’s still much more! The outer casing of this gaming chair has a bright, smooth look. And it’s no secret that this cover is easier to maintain than other gaming chairs on the market.

Lock-Tilt Mechanism

The lock-tilt mechanism is what gamers should check out more when they need a gaming chair that’s got all they’re looking for. With this mechanism, you could switch positions on your chair in a breeze!

The mechanism helps you get reclined, and it also sets you up when necessary so you don’t have to get off the chair every time.


Colors add spice to whatever we use in our surroundings, and gaming chairs aren’t left out too! This gaming chair comes with a steady scheme of black and another color.

There are actually eleven color choices available to you, and you can make the most of your fussiness when picking the right chair for your game room. This chair also comes in a beautiful pink scheme if feminine stuff turns you on!


The wheels of your favorite gaming chair stand as so vital if it isn’t the most vital. With a racing-style gaming chair having to endure some swift movement during operation, it’s no secret that your wheels need to be balanced and ready to move.

There are actually five wheels that come with this gaming chair set, and with this quintet of rollers, there’s nothing that could upend you from your chair so easily!

Lumbar Rest

The lumbar rest of a gamin chair makes it possible to handle sitting for long hours without any strain on your back and spine. With the lumbar rest of this gaming chair, what you’ll get is a more comfy seat that’ll definitely wow you.

The lumbar rest isn’t protruding to damage your sitting position but is embedded on the seat to provide support for your back.

Also, you’ve ensured breathability as the lumbar pillow that supports your back comes with the same bonded leather covering, but in full black.


In a gaming chair, the headrest remains indispensable. Without it, it becomes rather impossible to get the support your head needs when in the midst of an action-packed adventure game. But if other gaming chairs have been a cause of worry, don’t despair!

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Ergonomic Design and Comfort

When you’re in dire need of comfort when in the midst of a heated gaming session, the ergonomic design of your chair plays a key role. If the chair isn’t properly built, you could easily get sore when gaming for long periods.

This gaming chair comes packed with a lofty fill that provides plump, robust support for your torso, back, and other parts of your body. Also, the design of the lumbar pillow contributes to your getting maximal comfort from your gaming.

How to Assemble Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

After placing an order for this chair to be sent to you, expect it in a large box with all the parts intact. Also, you should find an assembly guide and toolset for easy arrangement and disassembly of the gaming chair.

When you go through the instructions carefully, you’ll notice it’s amazingly easy to manage setting up this chair. The placement of hooks, screws, etc. is included to make it easier for you to put together.

Your seat could be assembled in a few minutes, and we’ll see how to get it set up in a bit.

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How to Build Step-by-Step

Let’s take a look at how to get this chair assembled with fewer hassles.

  • Get the seat fixed to the ground support.
  • Get the seat rollers fitted onto the ends of the gaming chair’s base.
  • The tilt-lock mechanism should be fitted underneath the seat.
  • The armrest should be screwed onto the base area of the gaming chair.
  • The recliner should be fitted underneath the gaming chair with the poles provided.

After these major steps, you’ll notice your gaming chair taking shape right before your eyes!

Build Quality of Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

The quality of this gaming chair is what keeps buyers coming back for more. With some of the most exciting features you can find on any chair, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be amongst your top picks.

The racing-style build of the chair is a sure attractive feature at any time. The gaming chair’s bonded leather finishing, comfortable armrests, and so much more make this seat a combination of the finest quality you can find in a gaming chair

There are so many positives you can draw from this gaming chair, and it’s a fact that the affordability of the chair gives it a competitive advantage over other pricier, inferior choices.


Can I Use This Chair as an Office Chair?

It’s very possible to make use of this chair in the office. The reclining position also makes it easier to manage a rest session while in the office.

Does the Chair Come in Different Colors?

The chair comes in eleven different colors for a wide range of options to pick from.

Is the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Affordable?

The Respawn 110 remains among the most affordable chairs on the market. You could get the gaming chair under 200 bucks to make a turnaround in your gaming sessions

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve seen the gaming chair of your dreams in full, get an order placed right now for the gaming chair that’ll surely keep you entertained for longer!

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