Rage 2 Is An Upcoming First-Person Shooter

For us garners, the thought of a new game corning out always excites and it is basically what we live from the time the announcement is made to the time the actual game I released. Rage 2 promises to be one of the best and most indulging games that you will lay your hands on to play. Here is a review of what I think about the game and a couple of things that you need to keep in mind as you prepare to unwrap your gift and start playing.

Rage 2 Trailer

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Since its announcement in 2018, gaming enthusiasts like me and you have literally had sleepless nights waiting on the official release of the game come May 14th, 2019. The trailer has done a little to help quell any thirst for them, but just like any other thing out there that we anticipate with much enthusiasm, the trailer has not done enough. The trailer, emulating that of any blockbuster moving and high-quality game, traverses through the wastelands as the player drives or rides through a bike shooting at targets.

The trailer has been carefully curated such that it covers the most critical aspects of the game without giving or leaving out too much. I have watched and re-watched this trailer over and over as some sort of way to get ahead of the game once it’s released.

I can’t tell you just how many of my friends are looking forward to battling me once the game is released. Just like any other game out there, the trailer ends with an option for you to preorder the game. We all know how handy this can be It is not an unusual thing to see a video game that didn’t have much hype early on sell out on its first day of release.

The preorder option, however, has got you covered, and you can do this by following the links attached to the official trailer video of the game. One thing I cannot fail to mention that the trailer is the video quality as well as the sound quality. I have watched a couple of trailers before from different gaming companies, and I must say on this one, I have seen the best sound and video sync I have ever seen anywhere else.

Rage 2 Review


rage 2 review

Much of what is written about Rage 2 comes just from the trailers available online since the game is not out yet. From these, however, there is a lot that we can pick out on the overall performance of the game and the expectations that we can and cannot have of it. Top of the list when it comes to what to expect is a better gameplay experience. Following up as a sequel to Rage, the initial video game that came out earlier, this sequel promises nothing but a more heightened gaming experience. You will feel that you are part of the game from the sound sync to the graphics and ease of movement of the characters.

The sound as has been mentioned earlier is one of the most stands out features of Rage 2. From the trailers available online, you can easily tell that the high definition soundtracks and clips have been carefully synced to ensure that you can more clearly hear what the characters are saying or the way they are reacting. You will no longer need to have extra powerful headsets to allow you to decipher the sounds in better clarity.

Graphics are on another level when it comes to this game, and the 30 out layering of the characters has been done so perfectly you’d confuse this game for a movie. Say goodbye to instances where you have been gaming and haven’t been able to pick out clearly if you are facing an opponent or not.

The flames and gunfire have also been enhanced, and you will actually feel like you are part of the game. Should you have 3D eyewear, it will feel even more realistic while you game. This allows you to place your character in the game better and move him around more stealthily as you hunt down your adversaries.

Rage 2 Gameplay

The Rage 2 gameplay experience is simply amazing, to say the least. Get a chance to immerse yourself in intense shooting environment with total control of your character. The movement is quite easy, and you will not have to keep on punching the key on your pc or your Xbox while you play.

These smooth playing capabilities have made the gaming world alert as they await the official release of the game. The trailers have ignited a thirst for the game and its gameplay experience that cannot be quenched anytime soon up until that when the real players will get a chance to experiment with the game firsthand.

Online and offline gaming experiences make for an excellent chance to choose what you prefer most. For the less competitive players, the offline gameplay experience is thrilling. However, the disadvantage is that you will not be able to make most of the in-game purchases that are available not unless you are connected to an active internet connection. For the online gaming experience, leader boards and in-game purchases are just some of the goodies that you will be able to enjoy as you play Rage 2. Also, get awesome bonuses each time you pick up from where you left at or if you come back on consecutive days. You will have all the reasons to play Rage 2 on a daily basis.

Single player and multiplayer options make the game a pleasure to play on all fronts. You can focus on your own career and progress by playing the single player game mode. This gives you a chance to horn your gaming skills that you can then contribute towards your multiplayer career.

Also, you get to try out some sections of the game that may prove to be a challenge in the multiplayer mode of the game. The multiplayer mode is just as exciting, and you and your partner (s) will have a fantastic time gaming together. Save your progress online so that you can resume anytime without necessarily being in the same location.

Rage 2 Graphics and Engine

A lot of skill has been put into corning up with Rage 2. The game runs on Apex Engine; Avalanche Studios facilitate this. When you hear the name Avalanche, you know what that means already, quality and an unforgettable gaming experience each time you sit before your screen to start playing.

Avalanche are industry leaders and the decision to host Rage 2 on this engine ranks as the best-informed decision by a gaming company this year and probably beyond. The platform is famed for seamless play and the ability to support even the most sophisticated gaming graphics effects. If you ever play a video game and come to a point you feel that you are in the game itself then it is most likely that this game was built on the Apex Engine that is facilitated by Avalanche.

Additionally, the Apex engine guarantees that the game does not have buffering periods when gaming online even with a not so stable internet connection. This allows you to continue playing even in adverse weather that may affect your internet connection and making the gaming experience unpleasable. You are sure to ditch all your other video games once you land one of these Rage 2 game packs after the official release on May 14th.

The graphics as we had touched on earlier are among the best that you are going to experience while gaming this year. A lot of artistry has been put into corning up with the most realistic depiction of the gaming scenes, the environments and the characters.

The objects in the game also such as cars, weapons and bikes have also been made to look extra realistic even without the use of 30 glasses; you will still feel you are a part of the game. This insistence on quality is what has made this game the most anticipated game this year


Gaming enthusiasts had pleased with the developers of Rage to produce a sequel of its famed game. This was both a call to keep up with industry trends and at the same time provide an additional feel to the thrill that the first game had the game as can be seen from the trailers promises to be a hit once it is released and it is already unsettling the minds of other video game developers.

From the graphics to the sound sync, the gameplay and other perks that make the game stand out, the video game is a real masterpiece. Garners are going to love this game and everything that it includes.

The preordering phase has sure been an exciting one with more people booking their packages early on to avoid missing out. This game promises to be sold out on its first day of release, but this is something we will first wait to see. In the meantime, it’s all eyes on May 14th.

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