Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan-Which One Should You Buy

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Comparing Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan, which are among the best gaming chair brands available is a very difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, we are going to do it anyway for the sake  gaming enthusiasts like you.

Telling which one of these two gaming chairs is the best a tricky business. This is because every person knows exactly what they want in a gaming chair. What you are looking for might not be what your friend is looking for.

In my case, for example, comfort is what I look for. I would actually trade the materials, stitches, and leather used on a chair over any feature.

But there are those who would trade the maximum capacity over all other features of a gaming seat. There are those gamers who want neck pillows, reclining armrests and so on.

Since every individual is different, trying to compare top gaming seat brands can be equated to comparing oranges and apples. Still, it is very important to find out the best features in a brand and also see what actually makes it popular.

Today, the focus is on popular gaming chairs – Noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan

Secretlab Titan Vs Noblechairs Hero – The Battle The World’s Biggest Players

When I say that I get many emails from gamers asking me to compare the most popular gaming seat brands, you definitely have no idea how huge the number of those emails are. That is enough to point out that Secretlab and Noblechairs are notorious famous and popular. Otherwise, not many people around the world would be talking and asking thousands of questions about them.

My friends, there is nothing wired about this. The reality is, so many other amazing brands and very many other great models are out there as well. In regards to the Noblechairs and Secretlab battle, these two seats are the first things that cross my mind:

  • Secretlab Titan
  • Noblechairs Hero

The battle has been taken to even Reddit. There is actually a Reddit thread about the comparison between these two gaming chairs. For me, I tend to think that this should call for the first gaming seat battle. I will, in fact, treat the thread on a comparison between Titan and Hero gaming chairs as a battle or some kind of an interesting boxing match. So, there goes the bell!

But first, I have to mention that the Reddit threat does not necessarily give a detailed answer on the question of whether Noblechairs Hero is better than Secretlab Titan or vice versa. If you look at both seats, you are likely to think that the rival of the Noblechairs Hero – Secretlab Titan – wins overall. On the other hand, the Noblechairs Hero also has some amazing features as well.

This is what brings us now to the battle – our comparison. Let us evaluate the features of these chairs and see which one wins this battle.

To start with, it is important to note that both chairs share some similarities that gamers who are stuck on which model to go for should be aware of. While this might make this battle even a more complicated one, it is vital. We’ll present these similarities along with differences on a comparison table. This should help us answer some of the questions on the Reddit thread.

Secretlab Titan vs Noblechairs Hero – The similarities

From what we have presented on the above table, you can clearly see that the Secretlab Titan and Noblechairs Hero chairs are both designed with amazing, advanced features. Each of these two gaming seats is amazing in a different thing.

We have also seen that they share a number of features. Let’s first focus on these similarities.

When you first look at these gaming chairs, you will probably see that they both look premium and minimalistic. Each one of them has a beautiful black base. And in terms of cost, they are both worth their price tag.

Speaking of cost, the starting price for both seats starts at about $430-ish. This is really a nice thing to know especially for those who are on a tight budget.

Talking of the material, both seats are using just the same leather quality and both of them share amazing lumber support. Secretlab Titan has five casters just like the Noblechairs Hero and they all have a gas frame that is steel-based.

Secretlab Titan & Noblechairs Hero – The differences

Obviously, the two seats are quite alike that one must dig in carefully to find out what exactly separates Noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan.

In spite of their similarities, the seats have some notable differences which anyone buying the Secretlab Titan or Noblechairs Titan should be completely aware of.

Comfort level and ergonomic

When comparing Noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan, you can focus on how the overall design of a seat makes it ergonomic and, or comfortable. First of all, what makes the Noblechairs Hero stands out is definitely its 4D armrest with padding for extra comfort. Talking of the lumber support, the Hero’s is infinitely adjustable and is definitely better as compared to that of Titan’s. This is despite the fact that the lumber technology used in Titan is new.

Generally, the Hero model tends to be more ergonomic while the Titan model is usually more comfortable. In short, Titan is usually comfier while Hero takes better care of your spine and posture.

Load capacity

Besides, its capacity load capacity also sets it apart. The Hero has a load capacity that is almost 30 kg more than that of Titan. This is definitely a big difference that you should be aware of.

Color options

On the side of the Secretlab Titan gaming chair, you can clearly notice from our table that it edges out the Hero mainly due to its color options and casters (XL). The Titan tends to grip more to the user’s body. It also has that look of a gaming seat than the Noblechairs Hero.


Breathability is definitely one of the biggest issues that the Titan model has. It doesn’t breathe the ways gamers would want. This makes it a bad choice for anyone who often indulges in long gaming sessions. In simple terms, the Secretlab Titan is a somewhat sweaty gaming seat as compared to the Hero model.

The Hero model definitely has a superpower for breathability. Actually, it has two formidable forces for breathability! First, it has a breathable seat cover. Secondly, it has the diamond stitching which improves airflow so that heat can be dissipated from the gamer’s back adequately.

Overall, each of these two seats is amazing in different ways. While the Titan model is more comfortable, the Hero model offers you more adjustable lumber support and is also greater at ergonomics. However, Secretlab, which offers the Titan model, should work on breathability in their chair.

Judgment: Noblechairs Hero beats Secretlab Titan

Even though the two gaming chairs have a lot in common, we have seen notable differences that generally make the Hero the actual hero over Titan.

Overall, the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair has better ergonomics and breathability. Its adjustable lumber also makes sets it apart.  It also looks more elegant.

Conversely, comfortability seems to be the only single edge that Secretlab Titan chair has over its rival Hero. It also looks cooler.

To finish, we have to say that the winner of this battle is Noblechairs Hero!

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