Intel Optane Memory Vs SSD – What You Should Truly Know

What is one of the things that you consider when finding the right laptop? You want to know more about its memory and its overall capacity. A lot of people discuss Intel Optane Memory and SSD. You will gain a better understanding of these two.

How different are Intel Optane Memory and SSD from each other? This is what you will find out as you get to read the rest of the article. You will know Optane vs SSD performance and so much more.

Getting to Know Intel Optane Memory

Getting to Know Intel Optane Memory

This is created by Intel meant to speed up the system performance of the laptop or a personal computer. This will allow the most frequently accessed data to be retrieved easily to make the performance of the laptop and computer to become faster.

This is non-volatile which means that the data that a user has saved on it will not fade even when the laptop or computer is turned off. The memory can be used to easily allow data to be transferred from the memory to the processor.

The time that is usually spent on booting, retrieving data, and so much more, will be significantly reduced with the use of Intel Optane Memory. This type of memory is usually mixed with HDD so that the performance of the laptop or computer will greatly improve. It may come to a point when its performance may almost be as good as the SSD.

Intel Optane Memory is mostly available in Windows. Some Linux operating systems can also support this. Some have assumed that Intel Optane Memory is a type of memory or storage but it is not. For Intel Optane Memory vs RAM, they cannot be compared because they are different from each other. It cannot be used as conventional storage.

Benefits of Choosing Intel Optane Memory

Intel Optane paired with SSD can be an amazing combination but let us say that you want to know more about Intel Optane Memory first. You deserve to know what you can get from using it:

  • The performance of your system will be highly improved. This can act as a bridge that will make data transfer faster which means that your system will work faster than usual.
  • Memory is not removed upon turning the gadget off. You can keep the data on the Intel Optane Memory so that the data will just be retrieved whenever it is needed.
  • Write speeds of Intel Optane Memory are faster as compared to the SSD.

Limitations of Choosing Intel Optane Memory

You truly want to buy Intel Optane but you need to know its limitations first before you make a choice.

  • This is considered to be very expensive. If you would check the price of Intel Optane and compared it with SSDs, you will see that this is usually priced higher in the market.
  • It is not compatible with all processors. You need to use a newer model for this to become compatible and used.
  • This may not be good for your battery life. You may want to have a laptop that will have the ability to be used for hours. Having Intel Optane Memory will always lessen the battery life.

One of the main things that can make people steer free from purchasing Intel Optane Memory is the fact that this can be problematic to install.

Getting to Know SSD or Solid State Drive

Getting to Know SSD

This is known to be the fastest storage option that people can choose right now. This will make use of flash memory to store data. This is different from Intel Optane Memory that makes use of cache for data storage.

What makes the SSD very popular is the fact that it can make the performance of the laptop or PC far better than usual. With SSD you can experience the following:

  • Faster boot times
  • Games will load faster
  • Applications can be launched almost immediately

Not all SSDs will provide the type of performance that you are looking for. You need to do additional research to know the different SSDs available before making the right choice.

If you want something affordable and will still offer great performance, you can consider the 2.5” SSD. How did this SSD get its name? Its name comes from its size. Other SSDs that you can consider are the following:

  • Mini-Sata also is known as MSata – This is smaller than the usual 2.5” SSD but it can commonly be found in some laptops and more commonly in netbooks.
  • M2 SSD – The bare circuit board of this item is the first thing that you will notice. Unlike the other SSDs that may come in just one size, this comes in different sizes depending on the gadget that you will get.
  • PCI-E – If you are searching for the one that comes with the best performance, you should not look any further. This can be placed in the PCI-E slot and improve the performance of the laptop or computer as a whole.

Now that you have learned the different types of SSD that you can get, it is only fitting that you also know their benefits and limitations.

Benefits of SSDs

One of the main reasons why people choose this is its price. This is inexpensive as compared to Intel Optane Memory. Will it be able to offer so much more than its low price?

  • Fast Speed – Speed is always one of the things that you will consider when trying to make the right choice. Even if it is not as fast as Intel Optane Memory, it is not very disappointing as long as you would pick the right SSD.
  • Great Performance – Some Intel Optane paired with SSD will improve the performance of your laptop or your computer as a whole.
  • Affordability – This may be the option of beginners especially when you do not have a lot of money to spare.

Limitation of SSD

  • Can be Expensive – If you would use SSD alone, this is going to be affordable but what if you would pair it with Intel Optane or you would choose the best SSD? You still have to be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Intel Optane Memory Vs SSD Benchmark

Intel Optane Memory Vs SSD Benchmark

You have now learned more details about Intel Optane Memory and SSD. You have even learned more about their benefits and limitations. Have you gained enough details to help you make a decision?

Intel Optane Memory seems to be more powerful than the SSD but because it is still fairly new, it would still go through a lot of changes before it can be perfect. As of now, it is still imperfect even if it has a lot of power.

It can also be an issue that this is not compatible with laptops or computers that are already old. You cannot use this to update your laptop or computer. To make them extremely beneficial, you can combine them with the HHD. It will improve the performance of your chosen gadget as a whole.

Solid State Drives have been released earlier and there are now many changes that were done to it over the past years. The SSDs available right now are better versions of the first ones that were released. They are still more budget-friendly as compared to Intel Optane but they are not exactly affordable.

A few years may significantly change how Intel Optane Memory works and it will be interesting to know what it can offer by then.

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