How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New

The GPU is the soul of the CPU which can make image rendering and buffering faster Unlike what most people think, it is not just suitable for gaming applications but also for various business applications that need 30 graphics. If you already have a GPU in your machine, you might have noticed that their performance slows down over a while. The solution is not to buy a new GPU. As it is, most of the latest GPU’s are pretty costly. That is why it does not make sense for the average consumer to opt for a new GPU.

A few tricks, however, can make your old GPU run like new You can adopt these measures to bring the speed back to normal. We will today help you understand how to make your old GPU run like new.

Application-Specific Optimization

The first task which you should do is to customize the settings of the application so that you can squeeze maximum performance from your GPU. It will allow you to enjoy the game or run the software without any lag. For example, in most of the games, there are always presets for graphics like low, medium, high. You can easily switch over to the low setting which will ensure that the GPU can handle the load of the game. It is a practical measure which will allow you to save time and money.

Many times, the game architecture is such that if you’re not using a particular GPU, the anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion can hit the GPU of another company much harder. It will slow down the entire gam. When you lower the graphics settings or the frame rate, it is easy to play the game without any lag. Such small tweaks can help you boost the performance of the game by as much as 15%.

Optimizing the application according to the GPU is the simplest way to make your GPU run efficiently. It will also allow you to run the application without any lag.

Changing Driver Settings

Most of us never care about the drivers of the GPU. We update drivers once in a while and hope that we have the right drivers on our machine. The truth is that there are a few driver settings which can help you squeeze out more performance from your GPU. We will share with you such a trick below.

For Nvidia CPUs

The driver settings in Nvidia GPUs allow you to change the texture filter settings. You should change it to a High-Performance option rather than °Quality°. You should change Anisotropic Texture Filtering to off.


AMD CPUs offer you the “Texture Filtering Quality” option. By default, the Standard setting is selected, you have to change it to “High”.

When you follow these couple of steps, it is easy to get more out of your GPU. While it will not enhance the capability significantly but will make a difference of a few percentage points. When your GPU starts to slow down a bit, these tweaks can improve its performance once again.

Using Patches

Many games have online communities that launch mods to make the game easier to run. All you need to do is be a part of the online community and download the mod. Once you do so, pasting it into the game folder is pretty easy. The mod will tweak the settings of the game in such a way that your GPU can handle it more efficiently. It will allow you to utilize the GPU resources dedicatedly for the game which will help you get higher performance from the GPU. There are many games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim whose patches are available online. These patches can quickly boost the performance of your GPU and help you enjoy the game to the fullest.

Overclocking The GPU

The tip which we are highlighting now is suitable only for desktop users. Overclocking can quickly improve the performance of your GPU by 10%. The exact performance enhancement will depend on the GPU which you are using. A lot also depends on the clock level at which your GPU is currently. The easiest way to overclock your GPU is to use a tool like MSI Afterburner.

You have to ensure that you are not stepping up the entire 10% clock in a single go, it is a good idea to move ahead in stages. You should not increase the GPU clock by more than 5% at a time. Also, at the start, it is not a good idea to adjust the GPU voltage. You have to stick to the GPU clock. Also, you should not click the Automatic Apply Settings button until you have manually verified every setting.

With each tweak, you might need to reboot your system, or it will freeze once you apply the setting. However, it is imperative to go through this process once if you want to squeeze out every bit of performance from your old GPU. If you’re doing this for the first time, you will have to go through trial and error to figure out the right settings. Also, there is no guarantee that every game will run efficiently at a particular clock level. That is why you might need to create different profiles and switch over to another profile just before starting a game. It will allow you to run the GPU most efficiently for that game.

The reason why we asked you to avoid playing with the GPU voltage is that it can easily damage your card. If you’re overclocking it without increasing the voltage, it is very unlikely that the card gets damaged. You have to make sure that the step-ups are not more than 5%. Many of the UP US which were launched in the past 5 to 7 years, can easily handle overclocking of 5% to 10%. That is why it is better to move ahead in steps.

Depending on the performance enhancement you want, you can either use one of the tricks described above or use all of them cumulatively. While it may not help you double the performance of your old GPU but it can certainly enhance its capability. A 7% gain from overclocking and a 7% gain by adjusting the game settings can help you run the game 14% better A game that is choking on your machine can run in a much better way if the performance of your GPU is enhanced by 14%. While these gains might seem small but most of them can solve your problem. Let’s say, earlier you’re struggling to achieve a frame rate of 28 FPS. With a 14% gain, your frame rate will now be about 31 FPS.

So, if you are trying to decipher how to make your old GPU run like new, these are the four ideas which you can use each one of these can help you squeeze a little bit more performance from your GPU which can cumulatively make your GPU perform much better It is time to utilize your current GPU to the maximum rather than buy a new GPU card which can cost you a significant amount of money.

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