How To Make A Gaming Laptop Step by Step

What do you do when you have an old laptop, and you love playing games? You may want to take heed of the tips below on how to make a gaming laptop. Although this task appears challenging, it can be easy when you knowledge of what you are doing. Your old laptop may not be the same performance with another similarly priced desktop for gaming; however, you can still play your latest favorite games. Here are tips on how to turn your old laptop into a gaming machine.

How To Make a Gaming Laptop

build your own gaming laptop

Evaluate The Laptop’s Hardware

The first crucial step is an evaluation of your computer’s hardware. You have to determine precisely the weak aspects and if you have enough cash to purchase replacement parts. The best advice is to identify the particular hardware models as well as their serial numbers. By noting down such details, it will be easy to make a purchase as well as investing in the replacement parts.

Focus your decision on the processor, because upgrading it later, even with a second-hand part, will almost cost you as much as buying a new machine. Core chips of the second generation are flooding the market and viable as the core of the laptop which hinges primarily on the GPU; you can spend a little more for the third or even fourth generation CPUs, it will be worth it

Buy The Hardware

Buy hardware from reputable and reliable convenient sources. You could also get the excellent laptop hardware online at friendly prices. Turning the old laptop into a beast gaming mode will require specific components, and you should buy these when they are new Purchase an SSD, it is essential for increasing the computer’s responsiveness as well as reduce loading times provided there are already installed games in the PC.

Troubleshoot And Install

Installing the CPU begins by CPU bar unlocking. Proceed to open the CPU door and put the CPU in the correct direction, close the opening and lock. You should not forget to use the right amount of the thermal paste when installing the heat sink using an amount that is similar to that of a pea.

When installing other hardware like the motherboard you have to be careful because it is delicate, be careful when lining up the holes and add the screws to the standoffs. Ensure that the motherboard is secure but avoid over-tightening screws. Over tightening the screws may cause the board to bend.

After the motherboard is appropriately installed, whatever remains is simple. GPU will fit inside the PCIe slot. Ensure you get rid of all the expansion coverings. In case you have the M2 drive, install it appropriately to the motherboard’s slot. Use a small screw to secure it and avoid over-tightening it. After installing all the hardware including the fans and cables, you should test and troubleshoot them. And that is how to upgrade your laptop for gaming.

Turn On Your Laptop

Once everything is in place and looks as you desire it to be, plug in the power supply, press the power button and switch on your laptop. If all the components have a proper connection, you will see the BIOS screen of your motherboard. What you should do finally is installing an operating system of your choice and begin enjoying playing your games.

In case everything does not pull out together on the first attempt, don’t worry, this occurs to most of us. Solving this problem is a simple fix. Fortunately, your laptop will point out what is the problem, either on your BIOS menu or through error messages from the motherboard.

Different Types Of Good Gaming Laptops


types of good gaming laptops

Y530 Lenovo Legion

With a price of $850, this laptop features Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Intel’s Core i5-8300H, 1TB HDD plus 128 GB SSD as well as BOB of the 0054 RAM. Besides the interior features, the Y530 provides similar features as the 1500 dollar counterpart. For instance, ultra-slim bezels, full-sized backlit keyboard, Harman speakers and tremendous cooling.

Although 850 dollars can get you quite a decent desktop for earning, however, if you are searching for an all-inclusive laptop with that price featuring balanced gaming portability and performance, the Legion Y530 could be the ideal fit.

Helios 300 Acer Predator

The Predator Helios 300 provides an excellent value proposition. It gives the 6GB GTX 1060 graphics card which locks down up to 60fps at almost maximum settings in various games from previous years.

This laptop is second to none on this list due to its top-notch performance in gaming with a price that will not break the bank. It does an excellent job even when playing the latest games in high settings.

Acer Nitro 5

This laptop may be heavy, but it offers superior performance in gaming per dollar Its AMD RX 560X is perfect for the Ryzen system. It features BOB DDR4 Ram, 256GB SSD, and an AMD Ryzen 5 2500u operating system.

If you are looking for great gaming performance and not keen enough on details such as lightweight construction and slim bezels, then the Acer Nitro 5 is the best option.


This laptop is the lightest as compared to the others and is cheap. It costs about 650 USD and has the following features: BOB DDR4 RAM, GTX 1050 Nvidia GeForce, Intel Corei5 and has a thin bezel. This MSI 8RC GF63 also has 1TB HDD that implies that you may have to upgrade its storage soon.

With the highly completive price, the MSI 8RC GF63 is among the cheapest laptops for gaming with the GTX 1050 graphics card. It is a bit more costly than the Acer Aspire E 15; however, MSI 8RC GF63 provides more than 67 percent gaming performance.


The GL63 provides an excellent refresh rate display for such a small budget. It features the 144HZ and 120HZ panels which are mostly found in expensive premium notebooks. Putting an extra RAM stick as well as an SSD will transform the GL63 instantly f to a premium gaming laptop.

Acer Aspire E 15

With a price tag of about $600, the Acer Aspire E 15 has an Intel alDs Core i5, MX150 Nvidia’s Geforce,256GB SSD, and 8gb RAM. With the MX150 Nvidia, E 15 outclasses the other laptops in the benchmark test, getting a score of 3223 in 3DMark Fire Strike test.

Most Suitable GPU For a Gaming Laptop


GPU for a gaming laptop

RTX 2080 Ti Nvidia GeForce

The RTX 2080 Ti delivers smooth 4K frame rates with the detail aspects maxed out and has high sustained speeds of the clock. With a price of about $1,200 implies that this GPU is not accessible to most gamers. People who want 4K gaming experience can consider purchasing this card. RTX 2080 Ti offers UHD smooth gaming.

The TU102 Turing is 60% bigger than the GP102 Pascal in 2080 Ti, with 55% more transistors. These extra transistors were used in extra CUDA cores; however, Nvidia made one more step from there, adding in the Tensor cores to assist in accelerating deep algorithms for learning such as DLSS, and RT cores for accelerating ray tracing.

RTX 2080 Nvidia GeForce

Of course, the RTX 2080 Ti has the quickest graphics card with all kinds of exciting and beneficial features; however, the high price tag that accompanies it is jaw-breaking. Going for the RTX 2080 will still provide you perfect performance, and you can save more than $300. Additionally, RTX 2080 has the same deep learning and ray tracing features.

RX 580 AMD Radeon

The RX 580 is in accordance with a similar Polaris 10 GPU like the Radeon RX 480. AMD dialed in greater clock rates for improving performance. It has twin BIOSes that have a different clock rate. One of the BIOSes sets the 1450 MHZ boost clock as well as 1411 MHz silent mode.

Its counterpart employs 1411 MHZ boost clock and the1340MHz silent mod. This aggressively-over clocked model costs $ 275. It features a plastic fan that looks like polished metal. When giving it a touch, the composition of the cover is apparent immediately.

RTX 2070 Nvidia GeForce

An RTX 2070 Nvidia GeForce s quick enough to reach the 90 HZ refresh frame rates of the modern HMOs (head-mounted displays). It also has the Virtual link Port for connecting the next- generation headsets using one cable. The base clock rate of the RTX 2070 Nvidia GeForce is 1410 MHZ and has a 1620 MHz GPU Boost rating.

It also has a top-notch quality Founders Edition model with silent acoustics. Moreover, there are the axial fans which keep the GP106 processor cool and helpful. It is ideal for gaming at 2560.1440 with a price tag of $600.

AMD Radeon VII

This external GPU for laptops is excellent for the creation of content as well as gaming. It has an immense 16GB HBM2 and the memory bandwidth of 1TB/s.addtionaly, it is the planet’s first 7nm GPU. The 7nm GPU could sound like a lot, but there are high-resolution games that require over BOB memories. The AMD Radeon VII will cost about $699.

Radeon VII also features the 3850 GCN (Graphics Core Next) cores and the optimum 1800 MHz boost clock, which is about 300MHz quicker than Vega 64. This GPU will also be able to perform ray-tracing production.

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