Ultimate Tips on How to Clean Gaming Chair

Don’t have the best idea on how to clean gaming chair? Don’t despair!

There’re several gaming chair lovers out there just like you. And in most cases, some of these chairs users tend to lose their investment through incorrect or lack of maintenance.

To max out your experience with a gaming chair, you’ve got to consider maintaining a high care regime. When you’ve got your maintenance timeline on point, it becomes easy to care for your seat.

But that’s not all!

Gaming chairs come in different builds and upholstery, making each one needs a peculiar maintenance effort. And right now, most people tend to focus their maintenance effort only on the shell. There’s a lot more to cleaning than making the fabric or leather neat.

That’s why you need to keep reading for essential info on how to clean types of gaming chairs’ upholstery.  Also, you’ll learn how to clean everything else these chairs have on offer.

Make the most from this reading and game on a neater, robust seat support every time!

What if you’ve got a Fabric Gaming Chair?

Steps to Clean a Fabric Gaming Chair

Step 1: Get Your Mixture Ready

DIY cleaning solutions work better on fabric gaming chairs and won’t erode the material or weaken its integrity. Check out what you need to mix;

  • ¼ cup of vinegar
  • 400ml of warm water
  • 1 tbsp of detergent below 40% concentration

These should get mixed up and put in a spray bottle.

Step 2: Apply the mixture onto fabric

Take your vinegar, water, and soap mixture, spraying it in a not-too-generous manner. When you get it sprayed, take a white, lint-free cloth and rub it against the fabric.

Ensure the mix isn’t sprayed on the fabric too much to avoid a longer drying time.

Step 3:Set to dry

Don’t place your fabric-covered killable gaming chair, or any other brand for that matter, in the sun. Instead, get these chairs set in a warm, dry environment to dry out. And make sure these chairs aren’t left indoors when drying, to limit chances of a smell popping up.

How to Clean Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Leather Chairs

Steps to Clean a PU Leather Gaming Chair

Step 1: Mix your spray cleaner

PU leather chairs can get adequately cleaned with a mix of;

  • ½ cup of olive oil
  • ¼ cup of vinegar

These should be put into a spray bottle after vigorous mixing

Step 2: Spray onto the leather

Get the mix onto your leather and spray throughout where you need to be cleaned

Step 3: Cleanout

Get your leather cleaned up with a dry cloth. You can go a bit further and work the mixture to a shine. The mix nourishes your chair’s upholstery, giving it a brighter, long-lasting look.

The Best Way to Clean Mesh Material Chairs

Steps to Clean a Mesh Gaming Chair

Step 1: Get your mix whipped up

With a simple mix of vinegar and water in 1:3 ratios, you’ve got a combination to clean your mesh chairs neatly.

Step 2:Clean up the mesh covering

Spray this mix on a dry piece of cloth and work it into the mesh, cleaning out lingering dust and grime.

Step 3: Allow drying

Get your mesh chair set in a proper shade and allow air to dry it out.

How to Care for Other Parts of Your Gaming Chair


Steel frames will get a better appearance when cleaned with a dry piece of cloth and a little motor oil. Also, getting a little motor oil right above this frame could help against any squeaking sounds when rotating.

Caster Wheels

Properly cleaning caster wheels starts with a dampened piece of cloth. Hard dirt sticking to these wheels can also get handled with a hard brush.

Why Cleaning Your Gaming Chair is Massively Essential

Proper, frequent cleans of your gaming chairs pack several benefits that’ll give you more comfort and value. Here’re some top reasons why you’ve got to keep providing those chairs a regular wipe-down.


Regular maintenance through cleaning efforts helps your gaming chairs stay clean and ready for use. If you don’t engage in routine maintenance, these chairs could wear out, leaving you in a heart-wrenching moment.

Also, not taking care of your chairs could shorten their estimated life more than usual. For example, fabric chairs may develop odors, lose upholstery integrity, and more. When all the bad stuff piles up from sparse maintenance, you’d have to spend unexpectedly for a replacement.

Sustained Standard

If you want your gaming chairs to remain as-is when it comes to freshness and quality, consider frequent maintenance sessions. When your selected gaming chair comes with a fabric, PVC, or PU leather shell, you’ve got some work to do.

Cleaner gaming chairs will not only last longer but provide the excellent support you’ve always craved.

Easier Maintenance

Maintenance ease is assured when you opt to engage in regular maintenance. Unlike chairs that aren’t cleaned regularly, properly maintained gaming chairs get easier to care for.

When you engage in frequent cleans, there’ll be less and less stuff to handle every time, giving you a lot more value.

High Resell Rate

Are you planning on selling your gaming chair later on? You’ve got to start maintaining it from the get-go. Frequent maintenance comes with massive benefits for your chair, as you can place a higher resell value on it.

There’ll be lesser cracks in the leather or wobbly frames too if you emphasize on more than its shell.


How do you disinfect a leather gaming chair?

A combo of bleach and water in a spray bottle can quickly disinfect your leather-upholstered gaming chair.

When will my gaming chair require cleaning?

Frequent users of gaming chairs need to get their seats cleaned once every fortnight or less. Sparse use of your gaming chair could be best managed with a monthly or tri-weekly maintenance effort.

Can bleach damage my gaming chair?

If you’ve got a mesh or fabric chair, there’s no chance of bleach damaging it. On the flip side, bleach doesn’t do so well with PVC or PU leather upholstery.

Final Word

When you religiously follow these steps, knowing how to clean gaming chair, regardless of brand is in the bag. You’d have all the info to care for your gaming support chairs with less hassle!

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