How to Build Your Own Gaming Chair

How to Build Your Own Gaming Chair


These days, you can buy just about anything in the market. Long gone are the days when people used to make their own things. Did you know that people used to make their own RV trailers out of wood as recently as the 1960s? All you needed were some great carpentry skills. Now you can find RV trailers of any shape, size, and buy one with an attached shower

if you wanted one. But, the great thing about DIY projects is that you will learn so much along the way, you get to combine your creativity with problem-solving skills and the sense of accomplishment you feel will never be felt if you buy everything. If you’ve been looking for a cool DIY project to work on, a DIV gaming chair is a great project to work on. All you will need is a spare car seat!

How To Make Your Own Computer Chair

It’s probably easier to start with a car seat rather trying to build your own chair from scratch. Plus, living in a world where everything, including cars, gets disposed of easily, you’d be surprised at how simple it is to find a good car seat.

  1. Visit a Junkyard and Get Yourself A Car Seat

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to find some car seats from great car models. You might even get yourself a Porsche car seat! But, find the most comfortable car seat out there and ensure there aren’t any tears, or it’s not too worn out Negotiate the best deal with the junkyard owners for the car seat and you’re ready to start your DIY project!

  1. Get Yourself a Sturdy 5-Star Chair Base For Support

Given how heavy some car seats are and depending on how much you will be excitedly moving around in your chain, you want to ensure you spend a good deal of time to get a base that is strong. Most car seats have a relatively heavy metal base to support the heavy loads, so you may have to alter it in order to cut down on the weight and also to make it fit onto your base.

So, get ready for some cutting and drilling. If the tasks are too complex, you may want to get professional help from someone who has experience dealing with these metal structures. You can probably try auto repair shops since many of them would have dealt with installing and modifying car seats. Though, this may drive up the costs quite a bit for your DIY project.

  1. Spruce Up The Design With Personalized Features

This is the best part of any DIY project. You get to have features exactly the way you want them, and you get to use your creativity. Go for a sleek design with darker colors. Choose the paint based on the material your car seat is made of If it’s made of fabric, you can find some fabric spray paint or if it’s made from leather, find paint that is meant for leather like vinyl paints. Most auto supply stores will sell paint for car upholstery of different materials. Add some unique graphic design to make it stand out and for people to know that it is your chair!

Now, it’s time to review if it’s worth it to build your own computer or gaming chair as opposed to buying one


  • You can and up with a very comfy gaming chair considering that car seats tend to be far more comfortable than regular gaming chairs.
  • You can modify the design exactly how you want it
  • Depending on the parts you can find, you may be able to build your own gaming chair very cheaply.
  • You can get a great sense of accomplishment when you see the final product.


  • Even if you find scrap parts, you may actually spend a lot more money trying to modify them. If you use professional help, this may drive your bill up a lot more.
  • DIV projects are great fun but only if you have plenty of time to kill. It is very time-consuming to build your own game chair.
  • Even if you but your best effort and you’re new to DlYing, the quality of your own gaming chair probably won’t match those that are on the market.
  • Car seats may be comfy but they’re quite heavy. So, your final product will be quite a bit heavier than a normal store-bought gaming chair. Not exactly ideal for spring cleaning!

So, to conclude, it can be great fun to build your own game chair. But, as you probably knew to go in, it will be far more time consuming and possibly more expensive than a regular bought gaming chair. This build-your-own-gaming chair project is best left for people who are looking for a fun, creative project to work on rather than for people who are looking for a cost-effective, quality gaming chair.

Considering the thousands of game chairs out in the market with a myriad of styles and cool features, it’s probably better to buy your own gaming chair. Now, this leads us to, how to go about purchasing your own gaming chair. There are so many styles and features to choose from If you look online, you’ll find endless lists on blogs on what the top gaming chairs of the year are.

What To Look For When Buying Your Own Gaming Chair

Considering the number of hours most garners spend immersed in the gaming world, an uncomfortable gaming chair is a big no-no. Not only is it bad for your spine and posture, but you need to have the most comfortable chair possible, so you can put all your concentration into that game. Who wants to feel the nagging uncomfortableness and pain while they’re trying to win? There are many different types of gaming chairs, and which one is best really depends on your preference. Types of gaming chairs

There Are Five Common Types Of Gaming Chairs

  • Rocker Gaming Chair- These are gaming chairs that sit on the floor, they have no wheels, legs or bas. You can find ones that have ultra-cool features such as memory foam padding, built-in speakers, wireless systems or subwoofers. The list is endless.
  • Pedestal style Gaming Chairs- These are the same as rocker chairs, except, they come with an additional base or pedestal. If you like swiveling or height adjustment, pedestal chairs are better than rocker ones.
  • PC gaming chairs- These ones are built like a computer or office chairs that are modified a bit to suit gamers. They have comfy armrests and a headrest.
  • Racer Chairs- These gaming chairs are designed specifically for racing games and come complete with a steering wheel, a pedal, and other cool control features.

Features to look for

  • Material

Check out the manufacturer’s information about the covering material, seat material, and framework material. The last thing you want to do while being immersed in a game is to crash down onto the floor and lose the game!

  • Ergonomics

Nothing is more annoying than having a nagging feeling of discomfort or pain while you’re concentrating on winning. Look for features like lumbar pads, height adjustment, head, and armrests or any other ergonomic features that are important to you.

  • Size

Depending on how much space you have for the gaming area, ensure that the chair can fit, and the chair can fit you! Check out the dimensions before buying and look for space-saving features such as foldable chairs or ones you can disassemble easily.

Brands to look out for

Depending on the features you want, there are plenty of great gaming chair brands out there, such as

  • Secretlab
  • DX Racer for racing games
  • Arozzi
  • Vertagear
  • AK Racing
  • XRocker
  • GT Racing

Top Gaming Chairs That Won’t Break Your Bank

GT Racing Office Gaming Chair

This is probably the gaming chair that offers the best value for money. It retails under $200 and comes with great ergonomic features and a bold design. It offers great back support offering different angles and has a comfy head and armrests.

RESPAWN-110 Racing Chair

This racing game chair has all the ergonomic features you’d expect in a racing game chair. It has a comfy footrest and soft padded armrests. It weighs about 52 lbs and can hold up to 275 lbs in weight.

SLYPNOS High-Back gaming chair

This is the perfect budget gaming chair. It is one of the cheapest gaming chairs out there, but it doesn’t have the extra features you may expect in a gaming chair. It only weighs 40 lbs and can hold up to 300 lbs in weight. It has good recline angle options and offers great back support.

Fix max Ergonomic Game Chair

This chair definitely takes the crown for its ergonomic features. It has a wide range of reclining angles from 90-180 degrees. It can hold up to 300 lbs in weight and has a 30-day free replacement and refund policy along with 12-month free part replacement.

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