How Much Does a Laptop Cost and Other Details

In this day and age of using different gadgets, some people may not understand why they still have to buy laptops. There was even a time when people predicted that laptops will be gone within 10 years. It is obvious that people still find a need for their laptops. It cannot be denied that laptops are equipped with bigger memories, better video cards, and other features that will still make this sought after right now.

You may have recently seen the need to purchase your laptop. You can search for different products available in the market and it can make you feel confused with the available choices. Some of them may seem very similar to each other. You should know that they are not all the same. There are some that are meant to be used for simple tasks while there are also others that can be used for making more complex processes. This laptop buying guide will allow you to pick the one that works best for you.

How to Buy a  Laptop

Choosing the right laptop does not have to be complicated. The different laptops all come with features that will allow you to make the right choice.

Consider the Platform You Want

It will not be easy to choose the right laptop but you can narrow it down based on the operating system that you prefer. Do you like Windows 10? Do you prefer using Mac OS? The choice will depend on your preference. There are a lot of people who prefer Windows because this is what they are used to. Some would prefer Mac OS because this is something that they have worked with for a long time. Chrome OS is also starting to gain recognition from different people. This might be one of your favorites too.


You would like to have a laptop that you will be comfortable to use. You may want something that has a large screen size but will this be ideal for you when you are traveling all the time? You may want something that has a smaller screen size so that you can bring it with you whenever you leave your home. Most laptops may range from 11 inches to about 17 inches. Always look at the screen size before you make a purchase.

There are instances when the size may determine the type of processor that the laptop is going to have. It will depend on the brand that created the laptop that you want to get. Laptops with larger screens are also expected to have better graphics as compared to those with smaller screens. Some laptops are created with larger screens but they are still lightweight enough to be brought from one place to another.

Keyboard Quality

Are you going to type for long periods? If you believe so, then you know that you have to get a laptop that comes with a comfortable and strong keyboard. The keyboard should have the ability to go through a lot of typing sessions easily.

The keyboard should have a comfortable layout so that you will not accidentally press the keys which may happen when the keys are placed so close together. You may also want to have keyboards that are backlit so that you can easily see the keyboards at night. Just imagine when you are the only one who is awake at home and you do not want to turn on the lights. Backlit keys can be amazing.

CPU & Performance

Will you purchase a laptop when it performs below your expectations? You would like to have a laptop that will have the ability to help you multi-task. The netbooks are usually considered to be entry-level laptops which means that you will get basic CPU performance. If you are planning to do some complicated tasks on your laptop, you are better off choosing CPUs that are known to be strong.

Core i7 is considered to be the best CPU right now and it will also provide you with the best performance. You do not have to worry about having too many tabs open because your laptop will still work accordingly.


There was a time when you need RAM of about 4GB so that your system will work according to how you want it to. These days, with all of the applications that you need to use and download on your phone, you can look for those with 8GB memory. The more that you use your laptop, the higher the RAM that you should get.

The higher your RAM is, the more data that your system will be able to access in a short period of time. This can be very ideal when you are editing photos while creating content at the same time. This will make sure that everything will not lag.


There was a time when you can determine how great the storage is depending on how huge and heavy the laptop is. Right now, the storage can still be lightweight and it will have great storage for all of the items that you are searching for.

The type of storage that new laptops have right now is called SSD. This will make sure that you have a lot of speed. Saving your files will not be hard to do at all plus you can save a lot of files too depending on how big your storage is. Remember that SSD can also improve how fast the applications that you have on your laptop will boot.

One thing to remember: SSD can make your applications go faster but it will not offer as much storage as the usual hard drives. SSD can also make the laptop that you want to cost more.

Battery Life

This may not be one of the first things that you will consider when searching for the right laptop but this should be. Some laptops will allow you to go without a charge for a long time which is very useful when you need to do your work in a coffee shop or when you forget the charger of your laptop.

There are still different things that may affect your battery life like the activities that you do. Is your screen’s brightness high? If yes, then your battery life will probably be shorter because the screen’s brightness will take up more of your battery’s juice.

The OS of your laptop will also have an effect on your battery life which explains why you need to consider the right OS to use even before you consider the different laptops that are available in the market.

USB Ports

How many USB ports do you want your laptop to have? The more USB ports available, the more that you can connect your different gadgets. The latest USB port right now is USB 3.0. Lower USB ports will make it harder for your gadgets to connect.

The Laptop’s Price Will Always Matter

Do you agree that the price of the laptop will matter? You should agree with this because you do not usually purchase something unless you know that you would be able to afford it. There are some laptops that can be easier to pay for depending on the payment schemes that are available. Some can be paid monthly for a 3, 6, or 12 months depending on your payment capacity every month.

There are always different factors that can determine how the laptop will be priced. For example, the laptops that are made by well-known brands have a higher chance of being priced more as compared to laptops created by brands that are just starting out. Other factors that can determine the laptop’s price are the following:

  • Materials used to create the laptop – There are some that are made with the finest materials that will truly make the laptop feel elegant and exquisite.
  • Other parts of the laptop – Is the laptop created with the latest video card or with the highest memory possible? The higher the processor that will be used, the higher the price of the laptop.
  • When you will purchase – Purchasing a newly-released laptop will be pricier as compared to purchasing a laptop made by the same brand that was released months before. Ask yourself if you really need the latest laptop available. It will help you determine which one you would like to get.

Now that you have learned more details about the laptop’s price, you will find it easier to determine which laptops are worth the money.


Finding the right laptop can be a bit complicated and overwhelming in the beginning. The things that you have learned are meant to help you choose the right laptop that will serve you for many years. Like a lot of electronics, there are laptops that are only meant to be used for a couple of years, then they need to be replaced. You always want to get the best services from the laptop that you have.

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