Difference Between Gaming Monitor vs Regular Monitor

Gaming monitors and regular monitors have many features in common but also have key differences.

Gaming monitors are specially designed for gaming, with features like 144Hz refresh rates, 1ms response time, adaptive sync, and g-sync.

Regular monitors are designed for general use, with features like 60Hz refresh rates, 8ms response time, and no adaptive sync or g-sync.

Both monitors have their own pros and cons, which you should think about when deciding

So let me talk about the difference between gaming monitors and ordinary monitors.

When it comes to gaming monitors, the first thing that comes to mind is the high refresh rate. The refresh rate of ordinary monitors is generally 60hz, that is, the monitor will display 60 frames in 1 second. The refresh rate of gaming monitors is generally above 120hz. Generally, it is 144hz, that is, 144 frames of pictures are generated in 1 second, which will make the picture we see more smooth. The most direct feeling is that your mouse will slide smoothly on the screen, like in CS:GO. In this kind of game, you need to rotate the angle of view quickly, as well as aim and shoot, then the improvement brought by the high refresh rate display is very large. This is also the biggest difference between gaming monitors and ordinary monitors.

Similarly, gaming monitors also have some special parameter configurations, such as dark scene balance, color saturation adjustment, DyAc, etc.

I will briefly introduce these parameters below.

Black eQqualizer:

This function is very helpful to the recent popular PUBG game, because this game has a lot of dark scenes, especially in rainy days and airport buildings, when you search in dark places in the map, it is dark The scene cannot let you see the enemy. At this time, you definitely want to brighten the dark place by adjusting the brightness and contrast, but this method often makes the bright place brighter, which seriously affects the picture of the game, but you can This situation can be changed by adjusting the balance function of the dark scene.

Dark scene balance effect comparison chart
Dark scene balance effect comparison chart

Color saturation adjustment:

The so-called color saturation adjustment is to adjust the parameters of the display to make the color of the screen more intense and vivid. Taking PUBG as an example, the color saturation adjustment can make it easier for you to distinguish the surrounding environment, especially the “phantom tank” hiding in the grass. “And ” Voldemort ” lying on the ground, ordinary color may not be able to see the people hiding inside, but after increasing the color saturation, because the gap between the characters and the color of the grass itself is enlarged, it is easier to see these LYB too.

Color saturation adjustment:

This function is actually similar to the digital vibration in the graphics card settings. In comparison, the benefits of color vibrancy for XL monitors are 2. The first is that the color contrast range of color natural saturation will be more widely adjusted. Second, it is more convenient. If we want to adjust the color contrast through digital vibration, we have no way to adjust it directly on the game screen. We also need to switch the screen to compare and adjust, and we may not be able to grasp the most suitable game screen for ourselves. Color saturation can be adjusted directly on the game screen, which is convenient and fast.


DyAc is mainly used in FPS games. For example, the recoil of guns in CS:GO games is unavoidable. For those who like to use AK, they will feel that the whole screen shakes greatly when shooting, and the picture The shaking is irregular shaking, which causes the front sight to shake irregularly, which has a great impact on our aiming.

DyAc technology is to reduce the amplitude of this irregular shaking, so that we can see more clearly The direction of the ballistics so that the gun can be better pressed. In the actual combat of CS:GO, facing the enemy shooting each other, if DyAc is turned on, the smooth and smooth feeling of the picture can make it easier for us to control the trajectory, the feel of pressing the gun is also greatly improved, and the rapid vibration of the recoil of the gun is clearer. The ballistics of AK when shooting are better controlled, the drifting when shooting can be corrected into a normal recoil vibration, and the vibration amplitude is also much smaller so that we can shoot, press the gun, shoot the head, and complete the shot more easily kill. And in the game of PUBG, its advantage is similar to the function of the vertical grip, it can reduce the vibration amplitude of the picture caused by the recoil of the gun so that we can press the gun better, the effect is like allowing AKM to have one more vertical Grip accessories.

Close DyAc
Close DyAc


Turn on DyAc
Turn on DyAc

G-Sync and Free-Sync Technologies

The working principle of G-sync and Free-Sync is the same, the difference is that one is an N card and the other is an A card, both of which are anti-screen tearing technologies. The signal output of the graphics card and the signal output of the display cannot be completely synchronized in actual work, which leads to the tearing of the screen. The feature of G-Sync is to prevent the screen from tearing. It will force the output signal of the monitor and the graphics card to be synchronized, but there is a certain time difference between the picture transmitted by the graphics card to the monitor and the display screen of the monitor. If the two are forcibly synchronized, the result will be That is, the displayed picture is not instant. If it is a MOBA game such as LOL and DOTA2, the impact will not be obvious, but in a FPS game such as CS:GO where instant response is very important, the impact of G-Sync is very terrifying, and the other party is on the monitor. Obviously it is in that position, but it is not in this place. Whether we can hit the opposite side can only depend on luck. Therefore, monitors with this technology are generally not selected in FPS games.

E-sports monitors are also different from ordinary monitors in many aspects, such as ergonomically designed adjustable viewing angles, headphone racks and other details, so these details are combined with various parameter settings that are helpful to the game. , the gaming monitor can help players in the game.


In conclusion, a gaming monitor is a great choice for people who play video games frequently. They provide better image quality and response time than a regular monitor. However, they are more expensive and require dedicated hardware. So if you only play occasional video games, a regular monitor may be a better option.


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