Explore macOS to Learn New Things You Might Have Missed

Apple keeps on updating the existing features and adding new ones to its macOS lineup. These features and upgrades are meant to improve your system’s productivity so that you can get the best performance ever.

As a Mac user, you should be familiar with certain features, but there’s something new to explore with each upcoming version, so let’s discover them in this post.

Change Your MacBook Appearance & Feel

Do you know you can customize your MacBook’s screen magnification and text size? You will get plenty of personalization options that allow you to do more on the high-resolution screen.

For customizing your screen, click on the Apple icon, click System Preferences, go to Displays, select Display tab, and then select Scaled. You can then select a lighter or a denser layout or enlarge the font size for apps.

Run Windows on Mac for Cross-Platform Experience

Using Boot Camp, you can install Windows on your Mac or MacBook for improved functionality and better compatibility with other programs. However, you must have 64-bit free storage capacity on your system hard drive. Also, make sure that your Mac has an Intel processor to initiate the Windows download process.

Start with checking your Secure Boot settings and ensure that it is set to Full Security before you begin the installation task. Use Boot Camp Assistant for creating a Windows partition, format the Windows partition (BOOTCAMP), and then install Windows. Once Windows installation completes, install Boot Camp and then install all supporting drivers. For more information on the topic, check out setapp.com/how-to/run-windows-on-mac.

Switch Between macOS and Windows on Mac

Switch Between macOS and Windows on Mac

After you finish installing Microsoft Windows on your MacBook, the next step is to learn how to run the required operating system. You can choose whether your system should startup in Windows or macOS. You can select it from the Boot Camp icon or the Startup Manager.

To run macOS, click on the Boot Camp icon and select Restart in macOS from the options. For starting up in Windows, use Startup Manager and then select the Windows volume during startup. You can even run Windows on the latest M1-based Mac computers and enjoy your favorite apps with cross-platform compatibility.

Personalize the Dock for Better Experience

The Dock is an important element on your MacBook as it displays the most recent or your most favorite apps. On selecting Recent, the Dock will show you the most recently used apps in the order you access them. If you select Favorite, the Dock will show ten of your most favorite apps along with the recently used programs.

You can change the Dock by navigating to the Preferences from the Apple menu and then selecting Dock. Next, you can choose to move the Dock to the left or right corner of the screen, set app icons to enlarge on hover, change the size, hide until you move the cursor to the side or the bottom of the window.

Enable Hot Corner Feature for Better Performance

Enable Hot Corner Feature for Better Performance


On your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Mac, you can set the desktop’s corners as hot corners. It allows you to quickly launch the application or perform an action when you hover to any corner. For example, you can lock the screen by moving the pointer to the upper-left corner or can launch Finder by clicking the bottom-left corner.

Click the Apple menu, go to System Preferences, click Desktop & Screen Saver, and then select Screen Saver. Under Active Screen Corners, select the appropriate option for each corner using the dropdown and click OK. The selected option will be displayed when you click any corner of the screen.

Annotate or Edit PDF Files

PDF files are one of the most secure ways of sharing important business information. You can edit or annotate the PDF files within your laptop using the View menu in the Preview app. Click on Show Annotations Toolbar to annotate, add notes, or highlight any text in the PDF file.

Though you cannot edit the text of your PDF file in the Preview window, you can use the set of markup tools for providing feedback, adding comments, or writing something. You can use the markup tools to suggest changes or respond to suggestions. If you can’t see the Markup Tools, launch Preview and click the Show Markup Toolbar button and use the tools you need to annotate the PDF the way you want.

Share Files Using AirDrop for Wireless Transfers

Using AirDrop, you can share documents, images, websites, videos, or other content wirelessly to the nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. It is one of the fastest and secure ways to transfer data across Apple devices. Moreover, it’s easy to use, and you can share the content instantly in just a few clicks.

Open the file that you want to share on another Apple device and click the Share button. Next, select the AirDrop option, choose a recipient, and you are set to go. In addition, you can also receive the content from other Apple users on your device via AirDrop.

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