DXRacer or Secretlab – Which One Should You Pick?

DXRacer or Secretlab – Which One Should You Pick?


When you are finding gaming chairs, you will come across two brands that people will usually recommend. These two are DX Racer and Secretlab. Which one is the best? You will be able to come up with an answer when you continue to read the rest of the article.

Which one is better, DXRacer or Secretlab? When it comes to credibility and reliability, DX Racer is considered to be the better brand between the two. This is already well−established. The number of people who have purchased this brand is so many and most of them are satisfied with what they purchased. A lot of their high−end gaming chairs can withstand the test of time. They have a wide variety of chairs that can surely fit the preferences of most people.

Still, Secretlab cannot be disregarded just yet. They have also created a lot of great chairs that people can consider to be more affordable as compared to the models that are being offered by DX Racer. Both brands come with merits that should be considered.

Some Differences Between DXRacer VS Secretlab

Some Differences Between DXRacer VS Secretlab

You can understand these brands better when you know what their main differences are. Which one do you think will emerge on top? It will be DxRacer vs secretlab. Check out the things that can make these brands different from each other.

1. DXRacer is considered to be more popular as compared to Secretlab in the gaming community.

You may be part of the gaming community and you are aware that most people will talk about DXRacer first before considering the other available brands. You can watch the different channels on YouTube and see the gaming chair that people normally use. You will see the DXRacer logo more than any other gaming brands.

Of course, Secretlab has also collaborated with other brands too so if you are fond of watching people who are into playing Playstation or PS4, you may be familiar with this brand too. The Secretlab Omega may be one of the chairs that you will easily recognize.

It is obvious that DXRacer has a bigger presence in the gaming community but Secretlab is starting to become well−known too.

2. DXRacer is a More Established Brand than Secretlab

When it comes to the number of years that the brands have produced chairs, DXRacer is going to win. This brand started in the year 2001. In the beginning, they were creating chairs that were meant to be placed in supercars but this changed in the year 2006. The brand shifted and focused more on gaming chairs and they are successful in doing this. Their 15 years of experience in creating gaming chairs can be seen through the different gaming chairs that they offer to the public.

Secretlab is a newer brand. This was only started a few years back, in 2014 by a group of gamers who wanted to offer gaming chairs that will truly be appreciated by gamers.

3. DXRacer Have A Wider Range of Gaming Chair Options

You can take a look at the different gaming chair series that are being offered by both brands. It is expected that because DXRacer is the older brand, it will have more gaming chair series. It has about 10 chair series available while Secretlab has four gaming chair series.

DXRacer also comes with chairs that can be customized more as compared to Secretlab. The series that they offer come with so many different chairs that it will be a bit daunting but fun to choose.

4. Secretlab Uses Upholstery with Comfort in Mind

Check the different DXRacer gaming chairs and what will you first notice? You may see they mostly use standard PU leather upholstery. Since Secretlab is created by gamers, they know how this type of material can sometimes be uncomfortable especially for players who have been sitting on the chair for hours.
Secretlab will allow you to have the option to choose which chair material will work best for your needs. Their usual chair materials are the following:

  • Softweave Fabric
  • NAPA leather
  • Prime PU Leather

If you want to have more choices when it comes to the upholstery, Secretlab is the better option. It will be ideal to know the costs of the different materials as you may also consider this before you make the right decision.

5. Secretlab Gaming Chairs Come in More Affordable Prices

Aside from comfort, people would also like to have affordable gaming chairs. They can offer similar features with DXRacer but the prices are more budget−friendly. There are some high−end features that you can get without spending too much on the gaming chair. The DXracer cost can be too much especially for unique features.

6. DXRacer Offers Chair in Bigger Sizes

Are you someone who can be described as big and tall? If you answer yes, then DXRacer may be the better option for you. They have bigger weight capacities and the chairs may be adjusted to help you fit comfortably.
Secretlab chairs come with a weight limit of 290 lbs which is less than the 450−pound capacity of the DXRacer chairs.

DXRacer and Secretlab Gaming Chair Series

Are you curious to know the different gaming chair series that these brands can offer?

DXRacer Gaming Chair Series

  1. Formula Series
  2. Racing Series
  3. King Series
  4. Valkyrie Series
  5. Sentinel Series
  6. Tank Series
  7. Drifting Series
  8. Iron Series
  9. Boss Series
  10. Classic Series

The different series are created for different target markets in mind. You are recommended to do a bit of research about each series to help you in picking the one that will work best for your preferences. The DXRacer M series should also be checked if you want something that will be more appropriate for gaming for long periods.

DXRacer fans usually like the King series. You can check out the DXRacer comparison to learn more about the different series that are available.

Secretlab Gaming Chair Series

  1. THRONE Series Gaming Chairs
  2. OMEGA Series Gaming Chairs
  3. TITAN Series Gaming Chairs
  4. NAPA Gaming Chairs

The fourth series will give you a chance to customize your gaming chair. You can also choose to have the material NAPA for any of the three series that are mentioned above. When it comes to pricing, they are arranged from the least expensive to the most expensive which means that the TITAN series is considered to be the most high−end.

The Secretlab Omega is normally well−liked by a lot of people because this comes with some simple and high−end features that can be greatly enjoyed by gamers. These gaming chair series will also have differences with weight capacity which can be one of your deciding factors in picking the right chair.

Choosing Between DXRacer King Series and Secretlab TITAN Series

Having the budget to purchase your dream chair can always be amazing but what if you do not know which one to pick. Between the two, the Secretlab TITAN can be considered to be less expensive as compared to the King Series. They are also both comfortable but Secretlab may be considered more comfortable by other people because of its velour headrest.

The overall build quality of the two is considered to be very good. They will not be the best series that these brands offer if there isn’t enough effort placed on creating them. They have some similar features when it comes to their overall build.

The main difference between the two has to be the other features that can be offered by their manufacturers uniquely. For example, you may want to have 4D armrests and the Secretlab TITAN chairs can provide that. You can also check the DXRacer sentinel review when you want to check another series from DXRacer.

Conclusion: Which One is the Better Chair?

Now that you have learned so many details about these two brands, can you agree that DXRacer is considered to be the better brand between the two? It is evident that DXRacer comes with a lot of strong points but the strengths of Secretlab chairs cannot be disregarded immediately. In the end, the choice will still be up to you.

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