10 Best Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors of 2022 Top Picks & Reviews

It can be tricky to find a dual monitor computer desk. If you do not agree, you may be lucky because you have immediately found the desk that you want. If you have never considered looking at a dual monitor computer desk before, this may be something that you can look into right now.

One of the challenges that you will encounter is finding a good quality computer desk. You should not believe everything that you read online. There are many reviews that you will find but you cannot be 100% sure that you are reading a real and authentic review regarding an item.

I remember the time when I tried to look for a computer desk. I went to the store and tried my best to understand all the specifications that the salesperson was saying. Needless to say, I was not able to buy a desk. I was very confused. I decided that I would do enough research first before I decide. The next time that I went to the store, I was prepared. I was able to purchase the computer table in less than 30 minutes.

Best Choice Products 36in Height Adjustable
  • 8 Hight Settings
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Take productivity and comfort in the workplace to new heights
  • The desk rises and lowers within its own foot print.
  • 36×24″ upper deck and 25×9.5″ lower keyboard tray
  • NO installation required
VariDesk Pro Plus 36
  • Built with a heavy, weighted base and high
  • This desk was created to pop out of the box and onto your work surface
  • Greenguard, Greenguard Gold, TUV
Standing Desk with Height Adjustable
  • Product weight: 34.83 lbs
  • 37.3″ wide, the FZ-SD07B-HM has ample room for your two monitors
  • Dimensions (Weighted Base): 28.9″W x 16.5″D
Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped
  • 4 Port USB hub for connecting device
  • Chrome finished hardware
  • Product Dimensions 59.5 x 59.5 x 30.2 inches
  • Perfect for dual monitor, single monitor laptops, notebooks, and tablets
  • Holds up to 33 lbs.weight
  • Platform Size: 31” x 20.47”
Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk
  • This gaming computer desk includes a charging stand for your tablet or smart phone
  • 6H x 7W x 22L inch elevated shelf supports up to 27 inch monitor
  • Game Storage Space, Cup holder, Charging Station
Walker Edison Furniture
  • Polished and beveled, tempered safety glass
  • Sliding keyboard tray can be mounted on either side
  • Space-saving L-shape design
Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk
  • M-style buckle design, all parts, tools, and instructions are included
  • Colour: Teak Board + Black metal leg
  • Free CUP Stand (not include chair computer & cabinet)


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Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Computer Desks to Choose From

In this section, I’m going to talk about the products that I believe are the best in the market. By reading this segment, you’ll learn about their pros, cons, and features.

Tier Standing Tabletop Desk Workstation – Best Dual Computer Monitor

No products found.

If you are searching for the right workstation that will help you to alternate sitting and standing, you do not have to look any further. This is a luxurious-looking dual computer monitor desk that makes sure that you have enough workspace for your two monitors. This is made of heavy-duty materials that will ensure that this will last for a long time.

This desk converter now comes with a full motor to ensure that adjustments can be done easily. This also comes with height adjustments are from 5.7 inches to 18 inches. The USB port can be used to ensure that your electronic devices will be charged properly.

The design of this item is very simple. You will not have any problems placing it in any of your rooms. This can also provide you with a lot of benefits as you will be standing up more. Adjustments can be done easily and you will find yourself standing up more while working.


-No assembly needed
-Less sluggish feeling
-Height is easily adjustable


-Some parts may come broken
-Might not work for tall people

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ApexDesk EDR-3612 – Best Fully Motorized Dual Computer Monitor Desk

No products found.

Do you need the right product that will make a difference with your regular computer desk? This is the right product that will work as an effective desk riser. The fact that it is equipped with a heavy-duty motor makes adjustments so much easier than the other computer desks that you will find.

This comes with a fully-integrated motor which will make it possible to make easy adjustments with the desk’s height. You can adjust the height from 5.7 inches to 18.1 inches. The appealing ergo curve located at the front portion of the table will make sure that this is safe even if bump yourself on the desk accidentally.

This is one of the desks that you can check if you want something that will have a lot of space. This can hold two computer monitors


-Height adjustments can be done easily
-Works well in the office and at home


-Tendency to wobble
-Pattering noise is distracting

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VARIDESK – Best Pre-assembled Desk

No products found.

You want to have a desk that will make you feel amazing whether you are working or playing your favorite games. You may want to find a desk that is uncomplicated but will do what it is supposed to do. This particular desk may be one of the best choices that you can find. Do you know that this already comes pre-assembled? You can use it the moment that you get it.

This comes with a spring-loaded boost mechanism that will make sure that this can be adjusted accordingly. The design will allow you to adjust the height of the table depending on your needs. You can also collapse this fully if you want to place it on another existing desk. This has a rowing lift which can be very effective if you want to take good care of your back.

This is one of the best sellers right now and it is not a surprise given the many features that this product can offer. The high-quality materials will make this durable but it still looks very simple. Place this almost anywhere at home and it will look great.


-The spacious work surface
-Price is good


-Cannot be used on its own
-Issues with the rowing lift

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Standing Desk Converter – The Perfect Desk Converter

No products found.

Do you want to have a healthier work environment? This is possible when you are using the right computer monitor desk. This particular computer monitor will allow you to sit or stand throughout the day. Can you imagine how ideal this will be? There is no need to stay in one position for certain hours at a time.

This comes with small handles that will allow you to adjust your workstation. You just need to do a little tweaking to make this possible. The product weight is at 47.4 lbs which are still lightweight as compared to other tables. The design of this product is well thought-out which makes it evident that this has been created with people’s needs in mind. The pinch points are removed and this table is curved to reduce the possibility of getting hurt when you hit yourself accidentally on the table.

This table that is made out of steel and fiberboard allows you to do your work smoothly. The frame comes in a black finish which can make this easy to pair with your room’s current theme.


-This makes use of air pneumatic power.
-The separate keyboard adds extra comfort.


-This is a bit challenging to lift
-No rubber feet.

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Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped – Best for Traditional Home Designs

No products found.

There are a lot of desks that are available but there are some that will manage to stand out because of its design alone. This is one of those desks that may look traditional but it has modern features that you can enjoy like the 4-port USB hub. This also comes with many compartments for all the other items that you need.

This comes with a concealed storage cabinet that comes with a stylish glass door. The pull out drawer can be very useful for your laptop and if you want to pull your laptop near you while working. The L-shape design allows this to look timeless and traditional.

The chrome-finished hardware may be one of the things that you will notice about this. This is one of those pieces that you will not find hard to imagine at your own home or in the office. The storage options that this timeless desk offers will give you enough space for your different items. This is a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors that you can use.


-This is one of the easiest desks to build
-It does not feel cheap


-It can be a bit difficult to install the glass
-This does not look expensive

Amoiu Standing Desk – Best Sit To Stand Desk Converter

No products found.

How do you normally work? Do you like sitting down all the time? Sitting down can be bad for your body so this standing desk can be a great option for you. Place this on top of your existing desk and for sure, you will start to realize that you are more comfortable than ever.

This comes with a spring-assisted lift mechanism that will allow this to be lifted easily. The size of the desktop platform is enough to support the different items that you may have. The large air riser base will ensure that this is stable enough while you are using this desk.

Finding the right standing desk is a bit complicated. Some would not even consider this because they do not see themselves standing up while working. This will allow you to alternate between standing up and sitting down. You will realize that your body will love you for it.


-The surface is large
-This can work well for people of different heights


-Alignment issues
-The design is not for everyone

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Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – For the Avid Gamer

No products found.

Being a gamer is hard but it can also be fulfilling. The thing is, you need to find the right desk that will help you play your favorite games easily. The very effective cable management system may be one of the first things that you will notice about this. There is no need to purchase separate cable ties just to keep the cables in place.

This does not need a monitor stand anymore because it already comes with a built-in monitor stand wherein your monitor can be placed. The table only requires minor assembly which means that you can almost use it immediately upon receiving the table. This looks very modern and it comes with other modern features that can make this the perfect gaming table.

The desk may seem smaller than the other tablets on this list but this will still have enough space for your gaming items. Its features make it easy to appreciate. It already has speakers plus there is a port that will allow you to charge your phone. What more can you ask for?


-Perfect in keeping electronic items
-This is a sturdy desk


-Some issues will alignment.
-Damaged goods.

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Walker Edison AZ51B29 – The Best Dual Monitor Desk for Your Budget

No products found.

Are you sick and tired of those desks that are just too bulky for your preference? You would like to have something sophisticated enough for your needs. This looks sleek and elegant but it will still have a lot of space for your different items.

This comes with a CPU stand to assure you that your CPU will be placed in the right location. The height cannot be adjusted but it is already perfect for helping you work or play games comfortably for long hours. The L-shape design of this table allows this to be separated into two different tables if needed.

This is made of tempered safety glass that can make this look more elegant. This is also partnered with powder-coated steel frames that will make sure that this will not rust easily. This comes with an overall depth of 51” which can be enough for your gaming or working needs.


-This is surprisingly opaque
-This can carry up to 100 lbs
-Easily modifiable


-Glass breaking issues
-The height cannot be adjusted

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Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped – Best Modern and Simple Desk Choice

No products found.

Are you tired of looking at different desks with complicated designs? This is a simple yet modern desk that will provide the abundant space that you are looking for. More than anything, this may be something that you want in a desk. The adjustable leg pads make this very ideal when you need to place the desk on uneven floors.

The height of this table cannot be adjusted but this comes with a footrest that will help you relax when you are tired of working. This also comes with a CPU stand to ensure that your CPU will be stored properly without scratching your floor. This is an L-shaped desk that can be assembled easily because of the M-style buckle design.

This table that is made out of metal and teak wood is nice to have at home or in the office. This is made with a creative bevel angle design that will make sure that your wires can be placed properly without making your space look messy.


-Awesome construction.
-Very sturdy


-Assembly takes long
-The packaging cannot be used anymore

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Flexpro Power Electric Standing Desk – The Desk With A Lot of Power

No products found.

You would like to have a computer monitor desk that will help you be in charge of the things that you are doing. This comes with an electric lift that will help you decide if you would like to work standing up or sitting down. This can even hold items up to 45 lbs. Can you imagine the number of items that you can place on the surface that way?

This comes with an electric lift that will be very smooth that you will not fear that your items are going to fall off. Two height settings will be the perfect ergonomic height for you. The smooth curved edge will make this desk look sleek without making it sharp enough to hurt you when you bump into this accidentally.

This is a table that is part of the FlexPro series but this is one of the more advanced ones. This allows you to change the height according to what you want. The size of the desktop is liked by a lot of people. There is a big chance that you will like the size as well.


-Adjustable keyboard level
-Comes fully assembled


-Very heavy.
-No instructions are available.

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Choosing the Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors – A Guide

Finding the right dual computer monitor desk is a challenge. If you go to different stores, you will be prompted and sometimes forced to make an immediate decision. The chances that you are going to make a mistake with your choice is more likely this way. What are you supposed to do then? You can refer to this guide and learn more about what you should look for in searching for the right dual computer monitor desk to use.

No matter what your reason is for investing in a computer desk for multiple monitors, you cannot deny that you need one that will not up a lot of space. Can you imagine if it would take up half of your room? You will no have space for your other personal items anymore. A good dual monitor stand will be durable enough to hold the two monitors, will not take up a lot of space, and will not change your monitors’ ability to perform well.

You can set up your dual monitor on a usual computer monitor desk with the use of stands. If in case this is an option that you are considering, you may get to know the various monitor stand types that are available.

Different Types of Monitor Stands

How can you pick the right monitor desk when you do not know the setup that you will do? You can create the setup that you want with the right monitor stand. They are built depending on certain requirements but the way that they are created and the materials used are different.

Freestanding Monitor Stand

This is the choice of people who do not have any time to drill or to clamp the monitor desk that they choose. From its name, you can already guess that this is something that you can bring with you almost anywhere. Set it up at the right portion of your room wherein you have a lot of space. This will allow you to not make any changes with the structure of your home.

Single Bracket Stand

This type of stand will allow you to place one monitor for each stand. This will not require drilling especially since you can just place one of your monitors on one bracket and another monitor on the other bracket. This is very convenient to use but one of the most obvious reasons why people choose this is because of its price.

Multiple Bracket Stand

Why do you have a settle for a single bracket stand when you can choose a stand with multiple brackets? This will allow you to place more than one monitor in just one stand. Just make sure that you need your monitors to be aligned in the same height and angle. This is also known to be more durable as compared to a single bracket stand. The extra investment will be worth it.

Monitor Base

This is a type of stand that can be installed on the wall. This may also be installed through a grommet. It will depend on you and which one will be the most ideal for your needs. You can mount two or even more monitors at the same time with this monitor stand option.

Monitor Riser

This can be installed right at your desk. It will raise one of your monitors or both depending on the number of monitors that you are planning to place on your desk. This is effective for people who do not have a lot of space at home. If your dual monitor office desk is already taking up a lot of space, this will make sure that you will not take up even more of the limited space that you have.

If you have a lot of space and you believe that you can pick the right desks, this is always possible. Choosing the right table can be daunting in the beginning but it is always possible.

Features to Look For When Choosing the Right Dual Monitor Desk

The best desks for computer monitors are great for gamers but it does not mean that you have to be a gamer to enjoy the right standing gaming desk. It would be nice to have a lot of space for your monitors and the other items that you may have. This will also have a lot of space for the cables that you have to use.

Desk Design

The right computer desk for game monitors should have the design that you want. Is the setup that you want easy with the desk’s current design? How many wires are you using? Where are you going to place the other equipment that you will use? These are things that you have to remember in choosing the right desk design.


Do you want a desk that is made out of wood? Do you want to have a desk that is made out of plastic or PVC? A lot of people would choose wooden desks over all the others but they are also more expensive than the typical desks that you can find. For wooden desks, you may look for those that are made out of oak or pine as they are known to be more durable than the other types.

Just be prepared that you need to exert more effort in moving your monitor desk around. Wooden decks are heavier than PVC ones. Also, the computer desk for two monitors is usually bigger than your usual desk.

Setup and Assembly

Would you like to have a computer desk that you cannot set up properly? A lot of companies have done their best to make it easier for people to set up the computer desks when they receive it. They have placed step-by-step instructions. Some have even included DVDs or the link that people can click on so that they can follow how the desk will be assembled.

Even with all of these things, people still complain about the assembly of certain tables. It might be because they are not good at following instructions, they are lazy, or the computer desk arrived with some of its parts missing. If you are determined to have a lot of space, be prepared about having to assemble the computer desk of your choice. If not, you may want to settle for a smaller dual monitor office desk that does not require any assembly.

Size and Space it Will Occupy

this mas playing games

How much space do you have at home for your desk? Always check out the dimensions of the computer desk before you buy it. If you are a gamer, you will probably place this inside your room. Will your room have the space for a 2 computer desk?

Once again, if you do not have enough space, you can always opt to get a computer desk made for one monitor then use computer stands so that you can still have two monitors on one desk. If you have enough space, you are lucky but make sure that it will not be too bulky. Bulky computer desks will be harder to clean and maintain.

Storage Space

Do you need a double computer desk that comes with a lot of compartments for your items? Of course, you do! You want to make sure that your computer desk will have a CD/DVD rack for some of your games that would still need disks. You may also need multiple compartments for the various items that you will use while you are using your dual computer monitors. Having the right cabinet can also be effective so that you will have the right spot to place your CPU. The better that you can organize your items, the more functional the gaming desk is going to be.

Dimensions You Need

You may not immediately think that dimensions are going to be important. They are going to be very useful for you. The dimensions that you have to check are the following:

[su_note note_color=”#f1e586″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]

  • Length of the Table’s Surface. You would like to have enough surface area to place all of the items you may need.
  • The Table’s Width. If you choose something too thin, the table may not be durable enough to hold two computer monitors at the same time. Choose tables that are not less than 120 centimeters when it comes to width.
  • Table’s Height – How can you make a computer table more comfortable to use? You should be able to use it properly. The height of the table enough should be tall enough that you can use the right ergonomic chair while using the table. A table that is too short or too tall for the right chair will not be ideal for you at all.



You always need to know what your budget is when you are planning to purchase the best desk for dual monitors. You can decide how much you are going to spend on the desk ahead of time. Eliminate the desks that do not fit your desired budget and it will be easier for you to make the right choice.

Table Styles to Consider

Whether you are searching for the best desk for console gaming or you need dual monitors to do your office work, you need to be familiar with the available table styles. These are some of the designs for your multi-media or gaming needs:

L-Shaped Desk

Some people refer to this as the dual monitor corner desk. This will help you switch from one computer to another without straining your neck. This type of desk is usually placed in the corner because of its appearance but you may place it in the middle of the room too if this is the only available space that you have.

Multiple Paneled Computer Desk

two computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and desk

This is the most compact desk that you can find right now. This is ideal for people who do not have a lot of space at home or in the office but would require more than one monitor for the tasks that need to be done. The first monitor will be placed on the larger surface area.

The second monitor will be placed on the elevated portion of the desk. Do remember that you need to take extra care about choosing the sizes of the monitors that you will place on this desk because it is a bit limited.

Standard Computer Desk

Do you want something more traditional? You may just want an ergonomic computer desk regardless of whether it will be able to hold two monitors or not. You can always get a stand if you need more than one monitor anyway. Just remember that this is more ideal for the office because the available surface area that you have will only be enough to place a mouse and a keyboard.

U- Shaped Computer Desk

If you want to have an actual workstation, this may be one of the best ones that you can get. Just be prepared that you are going to spend a lot of money to get computer desks like this. It will occupy a lot of space so make sure first that you have enough space for it. Once you are sure that you have prepared the space it will occupy, and it is already installed, you are going to feel like a boss.

Can You Use Two Desks for Two People?

Let us say that you do not have a lot of space at all in your house. One option that is available for you is to get two small desks. One desk is meant for one person but you are going to use two desks for your two computer monitors. Since one desk is built to be used by one person, you can be assured that you will have enough space for your other items.

There may be more compartments that are available as well. You can always check the different desks that are available. You are surely going to find one that will fit the style that you want, the materials that you prefer, and of course, your budget.

How to Connect Two Monitors To One Computer?

What is the point of having a dual computer monitor setup when you do not know how to connect your two monitors to just one computer? The setup can be a bit different depending on the type of computer that you have but the process is somewhat the same. The first thing that you have to do is to check if your computer can support multiple displays. Once you confirm that this is possible, look at the video ports of your computer. If you have more than one video port, you can connect two monitors for sure.

You should also check the type of cable you are going to use to connect the monitors to one computer. Some would need a VGA cable while others would need an HDMI cable. Confirm if you have the right cable and just connect one end of the cable to the monitor and one end to the computer.

Your monitors will not automatically become connected to your computer. There are settings that you have to fix first to ensure that this is possible. Turn on your computer and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Windows icon.
  2. Choose settings.
  3. Look for the icon that says “System.”
  4. Choose displays.
  5. Look for Multiple displays.
  6. Choose the display type that you want. There are four types of displays to choose from namely:
    1. Duplicate These Displays
    2. Extend These Displays
    3. Show only on 1
    4. Show only on 2

If you choose duplicate, everything that can be seen on your first monitor will also be seen on your second monitor. If you choose to extend these displays, you can extend what you are working on to the second monitor so that details will be clearer. For the other two options, you can choose to turn off one monitor at a time.

The type of computer that you have may give you more options. You can research the differences of each option to help you in picking the best display setting for your needs.


Buying a dual monitor computer desk will always require a bit of research before you would be able to purchase the best one for your needs. The details that you have learned as you read the whole article have hopefully helped you in making the right decision. Why will you choose one product over the other? It will depend on the things that the product can potentially offer.

With the best computer monitor desk, you will be able to hold two computer monitors all at once. You can fight off the possibility of suffering from neck strains and eye strains because you will reduce the need to move your eyes and your neck a lot.

Having the right desk will allow you to have the right space for gaming or work. There is a big possibility that you will become more productive in whatever you plan to do. This can be very helpful when you are trying to juggle many applications all at once. If you need the best desk for console gaming, you have hopefully found the right product for you above. Your choice will surely affect how comfortable and happy you will be in the days to come.

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