The Ultimate Guide To Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

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Beautiful ergonomic build
Can support 300lbs in weight
180-day warranty available
Competitively priced
Easy tilting system


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Odor potential
Not ideal for >300lbs people
Possibility of part damage during shipping


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There’s a lot your gaming chair needs to have, and this Devoko Gaming Chair Review will put you in the know about everything.

So many gaming chairs in the market mean so many bad buys and unhappy gamers. As a gamer with an urgent need for the best gaming seat, you need more than just a fancy picture to be sure of your choice.

Gaming is thrilling no matter who gets in contact with it; I can tell you that from personal experience. Based on the love I’ve got for gaming, I regularly have to find more exciting stuff to improve my experience.

A gaming chair needs to be just right, with the best upholstery, swivel system, reclining ease, and lots more. When you have such vital info, the choice you make will be so natural and perpetually satisfying.

Apart from a gaming chair being perfect for gaming, there’s more it can do! This chair is ideal for use as a piece of office furniture. So when you need to get the best reclining relaxation while at the office, a great gaming chair should cater to your needs.

Let’s take a look at all the intriguing features of the Devoko ergonomic gaming chair:


Everyone wants all the facts laid out about a product, and I couldn’t agree more. When you have all the major and minor details about your choice gaming chair, you’d be more comfortable with the choice you make.

Before you get into the specs of this wonderful gaming chair, just take out time to look at the beautiful design and how enticing it is to sit on. With its easy mobility and other exciting features, the chair will surely pick your interest.

In this regard, all the specs of this gaming chair that’ll surely wow you are listed below:

Devoko ergonomic gaming chair Specifications


  • Seat: 19.8” x 20.5”
  • Backrest: 19.8” x 20.5” (L X W)


  • Seat Height: 16.1″ – 20″ (L X H)
  • Chair Height: 47″-50″


  • Capacity: 300lbs max


  • 3600 swivel rotation
  • 1800 back adjust


When you’re in need of a seat with the best features at a great price, the Devoko ergonomic gaming chair is an ideal choice. Apart from the Devoko gaming chair assembly ranking among the easiest, there are loads of cool features buyers are bound to enjoy.


The upholstery that comes with this gaming chair is nothing short of top class. The chair comes packaged with a breathable leather covering.

The covering material adds so much beauty to the build of the gaming chair, and it’s certainly going to attract anyone’s attention instantly. The attractive black leather covering adds style to the chair, and you’ll have no harsh feelings after sitting for several hours.

Lock-Tilt Mechanism

This mechanism helps in no small way to make the gaming chair an ideal choice for gamers. When you need to be in a reclining position, you can easily lay back to whatever level you like. With this feature, you have the comfiest chair working just like you want. Breathtaking!


This chair comes designed with some of the best features, and you get to choose colors too! The chair comes with black and another color. You can choose your chair to come in white, red or light red.


The wheels of this chair come made in caster wheels that make you more mobile when gaming. The caster wheels are fascinating as they support your weight even when you’re on the move.

Also, the caster wheels come designed with pivots to make it easier to stabilize the chair if you don’t want to move about.

Lumbar Rest

The lumbar rest this chair provides is one feature that shouldn’t be overlooked in a hurry. The lumbar area comes with a leather-upholstered pad for maximum comfort.

When in the heat of the gaming action, it’s possible you may need to lean back a little. The area keeps your back and waist in proper alignment. It also helps your spine-neck co-ordination for better health.

So with this feature, you remain in the best sitting position while enjoying your favorite games.


One vital feature any gaming chair must possess is a comfy headrest, and this chair doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a leather-clad headrest set above your torso area.

With this headrest, it’s incredibly easy to play games for longer. Also, with the headrest, there’ll be no occurrence of a headache or any unwanted neck trouble.

Also, the leather used in covering the headrest is breathable, ensuring your head doesn’t become sweaty when you engage in a gaming marathon.


The armrests of this chair come as a sturdy, well-built component for your gaming ease. It’s easy to install and will support your arms with relative ease.

One exciting feature of this chair is that users can choose to not install the armrests if it’s not what they fancy.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Devoko ergonomic gaming chair Comfort and Ergonomics

When you’re in need of added comfort, then the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the best choice for you.

In the comfort industry today, much emphasis is placed on the ergonomic design of chairs. With this chair, all your needs for the best designs are met to the letter.

The chair provides more comfort with the loftiness of the filling. Also, the lumbar section of this chair comes with an attached, fluffy pad for increased comfort for your waist area.

The armrests add to the comfort you can get when you really need it. One downside, however, is that the chair’s armrest isn’t adjustable.

But when it comes to the texture of this chair, I don’t think there’s anything better out there right now. The springy feel of the chair comes as comfy and relaxing, and you may sleep off on this chair due to its comfort.

How to Use DEVOKO Gaming Chair

The chair comes with an instruction manual in its packaging that’s spelled out for your installation convenience. Also, the chair comes with an installation kit that ensures you don’t have to buy extra tools to fix it up.

When you go through the Devoko gaming chair instructions, you will notice this chair is amazingly easy to assemble! The Devoko gaming chair instructions describe the placement of different parts, and the screws are equally easy to fix too!

After you’re all done with your Devoko gaming chair assembly, the next step is to get the enjoyment you need. It’s so easy, all you have to do is get on the seat at its normal position and tweak the controls to your taste.

If you’re hooked up in a gaming/relaxation session that demands your leaning back, you can recline the seat with the controls provided underneath.

To get the best experience while on this chair, ensure your monitor is positioned at your eye level for better visibility.

Also, you’ll find it easy to move your seat to any position around the room with its easy-to-use rotating wheels.

Just have it in mind that after assembly of the chair, its operation is so easy. You won’t need any specialized help to use your gaming chair.

Build Quality of Devoko Gaming Chair

The quality of the Devoko ergonomic gaming chair is something that wows me every time. If you’re not familiar with gaming chairs, this chair could pass off as an F1 vehicle’s seat!

It’s beautifully designed and has contours around your shoulder area that support your upper torso. Apart from that, the cute gaming chair is designed to provide ample space for your waist area, in the event you’re on the bulky side.

Also, the swiveling wheels come built to last with some of the most durable materials you can find on any chair.

With so many strong parts making up a sturdily-built gaming chair, what’s not to love about it?


Can I Use This Chair as an Office Chair?

The Devoko gaming chair is an ideal choice for an office chair. It has a full reclining position, head, and lumbar area rest for comfort. Also, the color schemes blend into your office effortlessly.

Does the Chair Come in Different Colors?

The chair comes in black with a mixture of three colors, depending on your preference.

Is the Devoko Gaming Chair Affordable?

The Devoko gaming chair ranks among the best chairs you can get for a few bucks. There’s no need to pay a huge sum for a chair with equal features.

What are the Benefits of Sitting on a Gaming Chair?

When you’re used to sitting on a generic chair, it’s possible you’d experience neck and backaches, waist trouble, and lots more.

With a gaming chair, you have all the comfort points in the right places. Your head, neck, waist, arms, and more are catered for. You won’t experience any pains or health trouble in the long run.

Final Verdict

After you’re through with this review, there’s nothing in the way between you and your chair. The Devoko chair is surely a cheap, hitch-free investment you can pat yourself on the back for!

If you’re still not sure of this chair, then I’ve got a piece of advice for you.

You don’t have to stress yourself looking through gaming chair reviews that won’t help. Check out this chair, and you’d surely be satisfied.

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