Unrivaled Cooling Power: Dark Rock Pro 4 vs NH-D15

Since Noctua released their air cooler patent for public use in 2009, other high-end brands have flooded the market.

With a wide range of options now available to buyers, it’s challenging to make a quick choice. Several advancements since Noctua’s release have brought new twists to the air cooling industry. These newer brands eventually outclassed Noctua’s initial release.

Brands like Be Quiet, ARCTIC, Cooler Master, etc. are now mainstays in the CPU cooling market. But with Noctua’s latest NH series releases, the pioneers of cooling are back in the race for thermal dissipation supremacy.

Right now, one brand stands true as a major challenger to Noctua coolers for market control. And that’s the Be Quiet Dark Rock series.

The Dark Rock Pro 4, comes with a massive collection of cooling-focused features worth checking out.  But when you check out what the NH-D15 offers, you’re sure to be in two minds on which to select.

Are you keen on getting more from your chosen CPU cooler?

Don’t despair!

In this comparison piece, you’ll get in-depth details on both brands and what they offer. With access to these facts, undoubtedly, making a quick, informed choice becomes more comfortable. Check them both out below!

Dark Rock Pro 4

The all-black Dark Rock Pro 4 from Be Quiet is a performance-driven cooler for high-end computing needs. It comes with an enhanced design featuring a couple of radiators and maxes out at 200W of cooling power.

With a push-pull configuration pattern on its setting, the Dark Rock Pro 4 allows greater RAM clearance for boosted performance.

Heat dissipating features and other solid functions of this cooler makes it a great fit for navigating demanding tasks. The compatibility of this set with several boards makes it a great choice for accessing several slots without hassle.

And with the Dark Rock Pro 4 supporting lifts for accommodating RAM sticks, it has immense support for smoother installation.

General Specs

  • Two Silent Wings PWM fans
  • Seven 6mm copper heat pipes
  • Double tower layout
  • Brushed aluminum top cover with diamond cut finish
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Socket support

  • LGA1150
  • FM2+
  • FM2
  • FM1
  • AM4
  • AM3+
  • AM3
  • AM2+
  • AM2
  • LGA 2066
  • LGA 2011-3
  • LGA 2011
  • LGA 1366
  • LGA 1200
  • LGA 1156
  • LGA 1155
  • LGA 1151

Standout Features

Enhanced rotating speed

With fan rotating speeds topping at 2000 rotations per minute, this cooler offers enhanced cooling support. Quick fan bursts during operation make the most of sending heat out of your motherboard’s compartments.

Such an enhanced feature is enough to make some buyers pick this as a favored choice. But there’s more on this cooler to consider before choosing below;

Seamless noise level

Even with significant fan speeds, this cooler features a largely noiseless operating scheme. Buyers can be sure of improved cooling while maintaining silence required for an immersive computing and gaming experience.

Impressive air inlet/pressure system

The air inlet on this cooler promotes significant ventilation support for your system. CPU cooling enthusiasts can be sure of increased mount support with the front-fitted Silent Wings 3 fan.

Material composition

A durable brushed aluminum casing on this cooler promotes better longevity potential for its components. The diamond-cut finish of this casing also maxes out getting heated air dissipated with increased comfort.


The Noctua NH-D15 evolves from its predecessor, the NH-D14, to provide significant cooling support for numerous systems. It has a dual tower cooler and extended heat pipe system for smoother air support.

A couple of premium fans feature in this cooler to support a wide range of automated functions. Also, the cooler supports a durable, easy-install mounting system for significant setup potential.

Over-clockers and computing enthusiasts with a need for superior cooling will fancy the noiseless operation of this unit.

General Specs

  • 2x NF-A15 PWM fans
  • 2x Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.)
  • NT-H1 thermal paste
  • SecuFirm2™ Mounting Kit
  • Warranty: 6 years

Compartment compatibility

  • 140mm by 150mm by 25mm (120mm mounting holes)
  • 140mm by 140mm by 25mm (120mm mounting holes)
  • 120mm by 120mm by 25mm

Socket support

  • LGA 2066
  • LGA 2011-3 (Box ILM)
  • LGA 2011-0
  • LGA 1200
  • LGA 1156
  • LGA 1155
  • LGA 1151
  • LGA 1150
  • FM2+
  • FM2
  • FM1
  • AM4
  • AM3+
  • AM3
  • AM2+
  • AM2

Standout Features

Cooling power

With two high-powered fans, this cooler promotes better ventilation throughout your CPU. It features a build focused on getting heat off your processor and other components for seamless operating potential.

Voltage range

The small 12V range of this cooler makes it a top choice for lower power consumption. If you’re conscious about saving more on your utility bills, consider this fan as a favored choice.

Head-to-Head Comparison: How Do These Coolers Match Up?

 FeatureDark Rock Pro 4 NH-D15
11151 and 2066 socketYes1151 (yes); 2066 (no)
4Maximum airflow90 CFM80 CFM
5Maximum noise24.3dB24.6dB
6Minimum airflow34 CFM33 CFM
7Rotations each minute2000RPM max1000RPM max
8Thermal design power350W300W
9Warranty3 years6 years


Why Should You Buy the Dark Rock Pro 4 vs NH-D15?

Why Should You Order the Dark Rock Pro 4?

Lesser noise at maximum performance

Even when at significant cooling speed, the cooler doesn’t exceed 24.3dB. At such a low noise rating, this cooler is a tad bit louder than a human whisper.

With such an enhanced noiseless operating potential over the NH-D15, it could be an ideal choice for your next upgrade.

Better airflow rating

With a maximum airflow rating at 90 CFM, the Dark Rock Pro 4 comes with a superior flow rate. An increased flow rate promotes heat dissipation and supports significant cooling support.

Improved socket compatibility

With support for many motherboard sockets, the Dark Rock Pro 4 has an enhanced potential for fitting on more PCs.

Lesser TDP index

The thermal design power (TDP) of a cooler is essential for limiting heat generation potential. An enhanced build on the Dark Rock Pro 4 gives it an impressive 250W TDP rating. NH-D15 coolers feature 300W TDP rating, meaning it generates more heat during operation.

So, if you’re keen on getting lesser heat generation from an air cooler, consider the Dark Rock Pro 4.

Why Should You Buy the NH-D15?

Longer warranty

NH-D15 coolers come with six-year warranty cover. With such enhanced warranty coverage, this cooler eclipses the meager three-year Dark Rock warranty.

Having longer warranty coverage makes the most of your investment and gives you more comfort during usage.

Better cooling potential

Under load, the NH-D15 supports CPU cooling with at least six degrees off what Dark Rock Pro 4 coolers offer.  With its 138.2°F on functional CPUs over 149°F from DRP4, it has a significant cooling advantage.

Easier mounting potential

The NH-D15 supports significant mounting comfort with its SecuFirm mounting kits. These kits support AMD/Intel boards for a tighter fit without hassle.

Also, the NH-D15 features an extended screwdriver and screws and studs for smoother installation.

With multiple gear included in NH-D15 packages, it has a superior mounting ease than the Dark Rock Pro 4.

Simpler fitting support

NH-D15 air coolers feature much smaller dimensions than Dark Rock Pro 4 fans. These coolers come with tinier builds, making them ideal for fitting onto several cases without hassle.

PC builders keen on significant installation ease could get satisfied with this cooler’s overall design. And since it has a leaner depth, there’s a greater chance of more airflow throughout your PC.


Dark Rock Pro 4 vs NH-D15, which is better?

The Dark Rock Pro 4 has an improved noise reduction system than NH-D15 coolers. NH-D15 coolers, on the other hand, generally have better cooling potential than Dark Rock Pro 4 fans.

Does the Dark Rock Pro 4 and NH d15 come with thermal paste?

A single order for the Dark Rock Pro 4 features the main unit, thermal paste, and installation manuals. Also, the NH D15 features a heat sink assembly, brackets, and thermal paste, along with a screwdriver.

Final Word

Comparing the Dark Rock Pro 4 vs NH-D15 could have been tasking. But with what this piece provides, it becomes easier to get coolers perfect for your PC.

Selecting the right cooler has a lot to do with how well your PC performs. And when it comes to picking for noiseless operating potential, the Dark Rock Pro 4 has what you need.

Computing and gaming enthusiasts keen on achieving cooler CPU performance should consider the NH-D15. With an enhanced cooling system and design, this cooler could deliver seamless computing support.

In general, both these coolers have something special to offer. Consider making the most of your selection and get the coolers best suited to your needs. With the right cooler secured, your CPU will perform better than ever!

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