can a 1660 super run 1440p

Yes, the GeForce GTX 1660 Super is capable of running most games at 1440p.

However, depending on the game and settings, you may need to lower some settings in order to achieve a stable FPS.

Serious gamers want greater resolutions. 1440p (QHD) is the resolution of choice for gamers that seek a superb visual experience without stressing their equipment. One of the latest graphics cards that support high-resolution gaming is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super. Can the 1660 Super handle 1440p?

This article will discuss how the 1660 Super can run games at 1440p and a list of popular titles it can play.

Can the 1660 Super Run 1440p?

A budget GPU with good performance and value for gamers is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super. It does great with 1080p gaming, but how does it perform with 1440p gaming? The 1660 Super can run games at 1440p resolution without a problem, but not at their highest graphics settings or frame rates. Depending on the game, you might be able to achieve respectable results by changing a few options, such as removing anti-aliasing or lowering textures. You might even be able to increase some of the graphic settings in some circumstances and maintain respectable frame rates.

Overall, most contemporary games should run smoothly at medium-high settings on a 1440p monitor with the GTX 1660 Super. However, it is generally preferable to opt for a more powerful GPU like the RTX 2060 or 2070 if you want to game in 1440p without having to make many sacrifices in terms of graphic settings or frame rates.

Recommended Settings for 1440p

However, tweaking the game’s parameters may improve performance. If you’re playing Overwatch at 1440p resolution, change the graphics quality to “High” or “Ultra High” instead of “Medium”. This improves performance and graphics without losing fidelity. Smoother gameplay requires a 144Hz display. Before playing games at these settings, check your monitor’s resolution and refresh rate.

To boost framerates in games like Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto V, reduce anti-aliasing and texture quality. If your game still runs poorly at 1440p, try lowering the field of view or eliminating effects like motion blur or depth of field. Make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date to maximize 1440p gaming performance.

The GeForce GTX 1660 Super can deliver a great 1440p gaming experience with some modest configuration tweaks and careful consideration of your monitor’s resolution and refresh rate.

Testing methodology

I would employ a mix of genres and graphical demands to test the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super at 1440p resolution. First-person shooters, open-world games, and eSports are examples.

My tests would use the same test methodology for consistency. The 1660 Super and a 1440p-capable processor are needed. Use a 1440p monitor or a 4K monitor set to 1440p.

For each game, I started with the maximum settings and worked my way down until I reached a stable frame rate. I utilize benchmarking tools to measure performance.

To assess the GPU’s performance, I’d try games at their highest settings. Anti-aliasing, texture quality, and ambient occlusion are examples. I’d also run the games at lesser settings to test the GPU’s limits.

It’s also crucial to note that each game has its unique performance characteristics, which may consume different GPU power and memory. Testing each game in 720p, 1080p, and 1440p resolutions allows you to compare the GPU’s increase in each resolution.

Keep in mind that results may vary based on the system and the games being tested, so test on your own setup and settings to get a more accurate depiction of performance.

1660 Super Games Benchmark – 1440p

The particular game being played and the parameters selected will determine how well the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super performs at 1440p resolution. You can anticipate to attain stable frame rates at high settings with less demanding games. You might need to adjust the settings for demanding games to have steady frame rates.

For instance, you may anticipate frame rates of above 120 FPS on high settings in titles like Fortnite or Rocket League, providing an extremely smooth gaming experience. On the other side, you might need to lower the settings in games that demand more processing power, like Metro Exodus or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, in order to maintain a constant frame rate above 60 FPS.

Can A 1660 Super Run 1440p

The 1660 Super is a mid range powerful graphics card, so it should be able to handle the majority of games at 1440p resolution, but it won’t be able to run every game at its top settings.

The easiest way to display the results is in the form of a table or graph that includes the name of the game, its parameters, and the average frame rate attained. Readers would have a better understanding of what to expect in terms of visual quality if images or videos of the games playing at various settings were included, or even better, included.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the results may vary depending on the system, and it’s always a good idea to test on your own setup and settings to get a more accurate representation of the performance you can expect. The performance of the GPU is also influenced by the CPU and overall build of the computer.

Pros and Cons of the 1660 Super


  • High performance for gaming in 1080p
  • Simple overclocking for increased performance
  • Supports cutting-edge functions like ray tracing and DLSS
  • Support for DirectX 12; affordable price
  • Relatively little power use


  • Limited VRAM compared to other cards in its class – Lower memory bandwidth than more costly cards
  • Not appropriate for higher resolution gaming (1440p, 4K, etc.)


With suggested settings and a few adjustments, the 1660 Super is a strong graphics card capable of 1440p gameplay. It can easily run popular games at this resolution without hitches or lag, and it also has several appealing advantages, such as its low price. It does, have some disadvantages, such as being significantly weaker than other GPUs on the market.

Overall, if you want a fantastic GPU that can handle 1440p gaming at a reasonable price, the 1660 Super is well worth considering.

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