Can a 75hz monitor run 120fps?

Yes, a 75hz monitor can run 120fps. As long as the graphics card connected to the monitor is powerful enough to generate 120 frames per second on the game you are playing, it can be done. However, you need to consider that some games may not be optimized for a 75hz refresh rate and so … Read more

best Acer monitor settings for gaming

Using the optimal gaming monitor settings might help you receive a smoother image as you play. However, tweaking your contrast, color temperature, and other settings is also important. The goal is to ensure that you can see your foes when they hide in dark places using an updated gaming display. That is why you should … Read more

Bypass Optimus Without External Monitor

It is generally not possible to bypass Optimus, a technology used in some laptop computers to switch between an integrated graphics processor and a discrete graphics processor, without using an external monitor. Optimus is designed to automatically switch between the two graphics processors based on the graphics processing needs of the system, and it is … Read more

Can You Use a Monitor Without a PC

can you use a monitor without a pc

Can you use a monitor without a PC? Yes, there are some basic methods that can be used to view or work with images and documents on a monitor without a computer. You can access most files and programs on the computer by using a remote connection or by copying files to the monitor. You … Read more

10 Best Monitor for Reading Documents 2023

10 Best Monitor for Reading Text

A good monitor is essential for anyone who spends a lot of time reading documents, whether for work or personal use. A high-quality display can make a huge difference in the comfort and productivity of your reading experience. Having a monitor with a large, clear screen and high resolution allows you to see more text … Read more

10 Best White Gaming Monitor Review 2023

9 Best White Gaming Monitor with Great Quality

Gaming monitors come in a variety of colors, but white gaming monitors are a unique and stylish option that can add a modern touch to your setup. In addition to their sleek aesthetic, white gaming monitors also offer several practical benefits that can enhance your gaming experience. These benefits include improved contrast and color accuracy, … Read more

6 Best Cheapest FreeSync Monitor Reviews 2022

6 Best Cheapest FreeSync Monitor Reviews

Need a monitor with zero screen tearing and excellent rendering of images on your display? You’ve got to get an AMD FreeSync monitor. But there’s something attached to getting some FreeSync monitors in stores right now – a high price. Most buyers will have to pay considerable sums for a 1440p IPS FreeSync monitor. But … Read more

Best monitor size for gaming?

Best monitor size for gaming

A recent study found that 27% of gamers have a monitor size that is too small. Most experts recommend a monitor size between 23″ and 27″. The latest monitors are also introducing high-resolution panels that can offer an equivalent viewing experience as 4K with lower energy consumption, thus making them a good option for gaming. … Read more

Should You Pick IPS VS LED for Gaming?

Should You Pick IPS VS LED for Gaming

You would like to know as many details as you can about the world of gaming. If you have the option to learn as many details a possible, you are recommended to do it. Expect to come across a wide variety of terms and acronyms that will all be confusing to you in the beginning. … Read more

10 Best Monitor For Fighting Games Review 2022

10 Best Monitor For Fighting Games Review 2020

Gaming has, is and will always be fun, at least as long as you have the best monitor for fighting games. Well, there’s a lot that goes into building a reliable rig for your gaming, and while most gamers put all the emphasis on the graphics and other components, the monitor is the only connection … Read more