10 Best Monitor For Fighting Games Review 2022

Gaming has, is and will always be fun, at least as long as you have the best monitor for fighting games. Well, there’s a lot that goes into building a reliable rig for your gaming, and while most gamers put all the emphasis on the graphics and other components, the monitor is the only connection between you and the setup.

That’s why a good monitor comes in so handy, and hence, you need to be very keen when deciding just which fighting game screen to go for.

Thankfully, we understand how important this can get, thus we did the digging to bring you the best picks around so you won’t have to. Keep reading to find the best competitive gaming monitor for the ultimate gaming experience.

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After looking through numerous fighting game screens, we came up with AOC CQ32G1 31.5” as our best editor choice for several reasons, awesome ones, of course.

Well, this screen ranks as the best fighting game monitor thanks to an array of features that it comes with. And one such feature is its AMD Free Sync Premium design, which delivers impressive sync of the display and your AMD PC’s GPU, eliminating screen tearing as well as stutter and input lag.

Besides, this screen also boasts a narrow border for as minimal bezel as possible, which allows you to enjoy several monitor set-up for ultimate immersion into the action. And then there’s the direct current backlighting tech that reduces flickering, offering minimum strain and fatigue for your eyes.

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Top 10 Best Monitor For Fighting Games reviews 

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

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Coming up in the second place is yet another fighting game screen that packs the punch when it comes to offering you a futuristic gaming experience, and it all comes down to its wide range of great features.

First off is the super-fast 240Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, which goes the distance to ensure you can enjoy a buttery-smooth gaming experience thanks to the reduced input lag.

Another great thing about this screen is the wide compatibility that allows you to use it with just about any Operating system. But the best part by far is the AMD Free Synch design for ultimate game flow without any broken frames or artifact no matter which framerate you are using.

To ensure you have the screen set up in next to no time; Alienware offers an installation manual that makes every step super easy. Even better, you can easily adjust the tilt, swivel, height or other pivot features of this screen to fit your liking.

A unique gaming-centric menu is all it takes to give you an outstanding feeling with this screen, which comes with an easy-to-use dashboard, as well as six preset modes (three of which are customizable) and guidelines that you can make the most of in a multi-screen setup.

  • Comes with VESA 100mm mounting holes
  • Small bezel, ideal for multi-screen setup
  • Awesome low input lag
  • Very flexible and easy-to-use menu
  • The price is a steal for the quality
  • It’s difficult to change its default preset
  • Some issues with lines on the screen, although they don’t last long
  • Has a big manufacturer branding on the screen front

AOC CQ32G1 31.5″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

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Let’s get things started with one of our top picks. This 4ms response gaming screen has a whole lot to offer for both amateur and pro gamers alike.

One of its most outstanding features by far is the 2560×1440-Quad HD resolution, which gives you a clear vision in detail. But that’s not all; this screen also boasts a rapid 1ms response time, with a whopping 144Hz refresh rate.

It also has a remarkable 1800R curved monitor design that enhances the immersive experience that you can get with this screen as it wraps around you so you are well deep in the action. While still at it, you’ll also love the VESA compatible design of this screen that makes it ideal for wall mounting, so yeah, lots of flexibility as well.

To give you the best experience for extended gaming sessions, this screen also comes with AOC low Blue Mode, not to mention its Smart contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1.

Ports are very essential when it comes to these screens, and this one comes across as one of the best gaming monitors thanks to its ports, which include a single HDMI 2.0 display port, a single HDMI 1.4 inputs.

Even better, it comes with the DP and HDMI cables in the package. Also, it comes with an audio lineout, which is sure to give you the much-needed convenience.

  • Convenient adjustable stand
  • The curved screen offers a novel feeling
  • Awesome 144Hz refresh rate
  • Great 1ms response time
  • Has a convenient hole in its neck, which offers great cable management
  • Some issues with dead pixels cropping up
  • Some firmware bugs problems in the OSD
  • Would be great with a 5Way Joystick

ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD

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Meet ASUS, the brand we’ve all come to know and love in the gaming world, and this screen has the quality you would expect from the brand’s reputation. Let’s start with the high 144Hz rapid refresh rate that you get with this screen, along with the 1ms response time for nothing short of smooth action in your gaming.

Then there’s the wide range of display colors (a whopping 16.7M colors) with a color-temperature selection featuring up to four modes for all the convenience you need.

The ergonomic design of this screen is the other thing that will blow you away with flexibility. You can easily tilt it any way you want it, whether it’s the pivot, swivel, height or tilt adjustments for an out-of-this-world viewing experience. 

Besides, it has wall mounting capabilities if that’s what cuts for you. And with a Full HD 1920×1080 display, you can bet on the quality of display with this screen

The other features you will go out of your way to love on this screen include built-in 2W stereo speakers that guarantee an unbeatable immersion into the action. And it has a wide range of pots such as HDMI ports, Dual-link DVI D and Display port so you can enjoy convenient multi-device connection.

  • Has 80,000,000:1 Smart contrast ratio
  • A good number of ports for multi-device connectivity
  • GamePlus display for crosshair overlay as well as in-game timers
  • Remarkable refresh rate and fast response time
  • Full HD LED-backlit design for top-of-line image quality
  • Only grate for fast-moving games and shooters
  • Not enough eye care features; you have to turn the brightness too low
  • When you tilt it vertically, the viewing angles aren’t as great they should

MSI Optix MAG24C 24 inch 1ms 144hz

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Coming in fourth is yet another fighting game screen with its fair share of great features that go above the curve to offer you nothing short of mind-blowing gaming experience.

What better way to start than with the AMD FreeSync technology of this screen, which matches your PC’s GPU to keep screen tearing as well as stuttering at a minimum while ensuring a buttery-smooth and lag-free display.

The refresh rate on this one is just as it is with most of the screens we selected for this list. At an awesome 144Hz, it delivers that much-needed seamless gaming with an anti-ghosting performance for smooth gaming.

Not forgetting, it also sports a super-fast 1ms response time, but what will blow you away is the VA LED panel, which optimizes your gaming experience for those fast-paced games.

With a Full HD 1920x1080p resolution and the great 1800R curved design with an immersive effect that puts you right at the center of the action.

It also has a 178-degree wide viewing angle, with an anti-glare and anti-flicker technology to reduce strain on your eyes when gaming for hours. Not forgetting, this screen also comes with a 75 mm x 75 mm VESA pattern that you can use for arm or wall mounting, which adds to your options.

  • Wide color gamut for extra vivid and realistic visuals
  • Several port connections with a display, HDMI, DVI, and Audio combo jack ports
  • VESA design for mounting flexibility
  • FreeSync technology for awesome visual quality
  • Great contrast and viewing angles
  • The pixels are quite noticeable than with a 24” screen
  • Some minute backlight light bleeding

LG 27GL650F-B 27 Inch Full HD Ultragear G-Sync

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The list rolls right on, and here comes yet another best fighting game monitor that has it all as far as giving you a special gaming experience goes.

To start, it has a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, which, like is the case with most of the best gaming monitors we picked for this list, eliminates motion blur for quality visuals.

A Radeon FreeSync technology, you don’t have to worry about choppy gaming even with graphics-intensive games. And the same goes for video playback, as well as reduced broken frames and, best of all, artifact-free performance.

At 27 inches, this isn’t the largest screen we have on this list, but combine that with the HDR10 support of this monitor, and you have what it takes to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this monitor also features a great deal of flexibility, with easy height, tilt and pivot adjustability.

But that’s not all; as you also get impressive color fidelity with this screen’s ability to reproduce 99 percent coverage of RGB spectrum for accurate gaming color and other needs such as photography and graphic videos.

  • High-resolution 1920x1080ips display
  • Thin bezels for seamless multi-screen setup
  • G sync compatibility
  • The IPS panel offers great viewing angles
  • Awesome flexibility with the tilt, swivel or rotate
  • Would be great with USB ports
  • Some issues with screen tearing
  • The curve isn’t as great as it should be

Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor (S2719DGF)

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Built for virtually any gamer, this Dell S-Series gaming monitor offers the bang for the money with its amazing features. One such feature is the 3.68 million pixels, which almost double a full HD screen, you will get lost in the vivid, edge-to-edge crisp QHD 2560×1440 resolution of this screen.

With an overclocked 155Hz refresh rate and a mind-blowing 350-candela per square meter brightness, this monitor guarantees sharp and tear-free graphics for that excellent smooth gaming experience we all crave.

 What’s more, with a rapid 1ms response, this monitor delivers minimal input lag for a blazingly fast, responsive gameplay that matches your desired gaming performance.

Designed to support AMD FreeSync, and with the ability to deliver the flexibility you would ask for in a monitor its size, this one comes across as the ideal choice if you have any setup hardware in place. Also worth mentioning is the fact that you can enjoy the customizable design of this monitor as you have the choice to preset up to three gaming profiles.

The other awesome thing about this monitor is the flexibility in terms of viewing angle, as it comes with swivel, pivot, tilt as well as height-adjustable features that allow you to set it right where you want it.

  • It has a built-in cable management
  • Has a range of ports for effortless connectivity
  • G-Sync compatible
  • Great OSD performance
  • The pixel response times are remarkable
  • No smearing at all
  • The white balance isn’t top-notch
  • Would be great with onboard gamma correction
  • Issues with dark areas in the game being invisible

AOC G2590FX 25″ Framless Gaming Monitor

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From a G-Sync design to amazing super-fast refresh rates, this monitor earns its place in this list as the best budget 144Hz gaming monitor.

To start with the high refresh rate, this monitor, like most of our top picks, boasts an awesome 144Hz refresh rate, but it doesn’t leave it at that. It also comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible and an Adaptive-Sync for reduced screen tearing. Factor in the rapid 1ms response time, and you can bet that your gaming is going to be one of a kind.

Besides the high refresh rate, this monitor will also blow you away with its wide array of ports. These range from a display port, two HDMI 1.4 ports, as well as a VGA input and audio line out for connectivity convenience.

The resolution is also worth a hard look, as this monitor goes the distance to offer one of a kind performance at this one, too! With a Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, it is built to give you nothing short of remarkable when it comes to vivid clarity.

It also has ultra-thin bezels, which, when combined with the 3-sided frameless design, allow you to enjoy seamless gaming with a multi-screen setup.

  • It’s VESA compatible, which offers flexibility and easy setup.
  • AOC dial point for accuracy when playing FPS games
  • AOC Low Blue Mode as well as Flicker-Free design
  • Designed to reduce eye fatigue
  • Adjustable stand for flexibility
  • It is a bit too bright
  • The colors are a bit too washed out, needs calibration
  • The 50,000,000:1 ratio isn’t as great as with most other monitors

LG 34GL750-B 34 inch 21: 9 Ultragear Curved Wfhd

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If you are a devoted gamer, you most likely have come to love different LG gaming components, and this monitor doesn’t disappoint as well. It leaves even some of the best 32” gaming monitor options in the dust when it comes to size.  

One of the most essential features in a monitor is the resolution, and that’s where LG has gone the distance to ensure you get the best performance possible with the Full HD 2560×1080 IPS to display that this monitor delivers.

And when it comes to the visuals, you can bet you won’t go wrong with the 144Hz refresh rate of this screen. Factor in the 1ms response time and you have a reliable motion blur detection performance.

That’s not all; this monitor is also HDR10 compatible, which further adds to its already impressive performance. Then there’s adaptive Sync technology and G-Sync compatibility, all of which offer the value you pay for by eliminating broken frames and choppy gaming with graphics-intensive games as well as delivering artifact-free.

The color fidelity is also outstanding, thanks to this monitor’s ability to reproduce 99-percent of the RGB color spectrum for top-quality accuracy.

To make the setup and use of this monitor super easy, LG made sure it is effortless to install, adjust the height and tilt so you can set it as desired.

  • Radeon FreeSync for seamless image precision
  • The bezels are thin enough for a multi-monitor setup
  • Great swivel, tilt, and rotation of the stand
  • The G-Sync is downright remarkable
  • Great viewing angles thanks to the IPS panel
  • No USB ports
  • Colors are washed out
  • Issues with screen tearing

Asus VG259Q 24.5” Gaming Monitor 144Hz

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The second last on this list is yet another best fighting game monitor from Asus, which doesn’t have a shortage of great features as well.

Among the most impressive features in this one is the high-resolution Full HD (1920×1080) IPS panel, capable of delivering top-quality visuals. And there’s more; with the rapid refresh rate of 144Hz, and a 1ms response rate, this monitor is designed to offer you nothing but the best in terms of smooth gameplay.

With the Asus eye care technology on board, you won’t have to worry about eye fatigue even if you are a diehard gamer who spends most of the time in front of your screen. You will have the easily adjustable height, tilt, and swivel as well as pivot adjustability of this monitor for this.

The refresh rate is also ultra-fast at 144Hz for smooth, lag-free gaming even with fast-paced games with high visual settings.

It’s also worth mentioning that this monitor’s 178-degree viewing angle also offers as minimum distortion as possible. Not forgetting, this also delivers a great deal of color shift even when you are viewing from extreme positions.

The other important features include Asus Shadow Boost Technology for clarifying dark areas, Asus eye care technology for as minimal fatigue as possible, thanks to the fully adjustable design of this monitor.

  • Flexible connectivity with DisplayPort, 2 HDMI ports and 2W speakers
  • Extreme low blur tech for reduced ghosting
  • AMD Free Sync gives you a smooth gaming
  • ASUS GameVisuals technology with 7 preset display modes
  • Flicker-Free technology for reduced flicker and eye fatigue
  • Doesn’t operate at 144Heartz right out of the box
  • Doesn’t come with a DisplayPort cable
  • Sometimes the input lag is at 14ms

Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24″ Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor

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Last on our list is yet another fighting game screen that is not any bit the least, as it’s also jammed packed with such great features as FreeSync design that support G-Sync compatibility for remarkable smooth gameplay.

And speaking of smooth gaming, you can bet that the ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate of this monitor and its rapid 1ms response time are all it takes to make your gaming fun. Factor in the Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and you have the visuals you need for full immersion into the action.

Another feature that we can’t afford to overlook is the aspect ratio, and with this monitor’s 16:9 aspect ratio, you can enjoy some of the best, high-quality images in stunningly clear detail.

For ultimate flexibility, this monitor is designed to offer height, swivel and pivot adjustability as well as tilt, with a 170-degree horizontal and up to 160-degree vertical tilt. It is still easily and clearly visible even from extreme angles.

The other features that make this monitor easy on your eyes include Acer’s Flicker-less eye protection, ComfyView, Blue Light Filter, as well as Low-dimming technology for minimal eye strain during extended gaming sessions.

  • VESA mounting compatible for easy and flexible setup.
  • Several ports as DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI/MHL
  • Two 2-watt speakers for audio
  • Awesome color support at 16.7 million, with a brightness of 350 nit
  • It comes with a display port cable
  • The monitor sometimes doesn’t recognize that it is connected to the computer
  • It’s not compatible with some of the Nvidia video cards
  • Setting it up and getting it to work properly is a challenge


Fun gaming comes down to a little more than just having the right components, and, as we mentioned before, a monitor is one of the most important additions to your setup.

And while getting the wrong monitor could spell disaster for your gaming experience and pocket, as well as leading to a lot of frustration down the road, we believe you won’t have to go through all that now.

With any or several of these best gaming monitors on your desk, you can bet that your gameplay is going to be anything but boring. So go ahead and make the right choice that matches your best gaming monitor budget.

There’s no better way to bring your fantastic virtual world to life!

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