Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys

15 Of The Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys Review And Buying Guide


As a gamer, you know how easy it is to get sucked into the experience of a good game. The hours can pass by completely undetected when you’re deep into the game.

Until the back pain begins.

That’s when you are forced to accept that it’s probably time to get up and go back to the real world. And if you’re a big guy  meaning if you’re a little on the overweight or tall side  that’s made all the more difficult, if you know what I mean.

But the right heavy duty gaming chair can make all the difference! Not just in your gaming experience, but something far more important; your health!

I know that finding the right gaming chair is hard especially when you’re a big guy. Most of the existing top gaming chairs are geared towards those with smaller frames.

That’s why I’m here today to help you find the best gaming chair for big guys.

I’ll give you a list of my favorite ones, and also tell you what to look for in a gaming chair . So, discard your worries about graphics card and gaming mice at the moment and let’s discuss chairs!

ImageChair NameWeightSize 
Marvel51.9lb27.5 x 25 x 47
OPSEAT53lb30 x 30 x 53
E-WIN50.8lb21.7 x 23.2 x 50.8
AKRacing57lb25.6 x 23.6 x 59.1
X Rocker 5139654.2lb28.5 x 23 x 23.5
Nokaxus57lb33.1 x 25.6 x 12.6
KILLABEE55lb33 x 25.8 x 14
GTRACING45.4lb27.6 x 20.1 x 50.3
X Rocker 5149124lb26 x 17.5 x 17
Homall Gaming Recliner63lb34 x 25.1 x 41.5
BestOffice45lb30 x 24 x 11
VERTAGEAR57lb25 x 55 x 25
GTRACING50lb20.9 x 21.3 x 52
AmazonBasics 44.1lb29.5 x 27.2 x 47
Homall High Back42.1lb32.7 x 15.3 x 29.1

Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys

In this section, I’m going to talk about the products that I believe are the best in the market. By reading this segment, you’ll learn about their pros, cons, and features.

Homall Gaming Chair – The Best Overall

Trying to find the best budget gaming chair, especially when you’re on the bigger side, is definitely going to take some work.

This one is an easy pick if you’re on a budget, though. It is constructed using high-density shaping foam that is made to support your unique structure. Your entire back, shoulders, head, and neck will be supported.

The most important part for you, of course, is its weight capacity. You’re in luck because this chair can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. Even under all of that stress, it can still move soundlessly due to its rubber cast rollers.

Let’s look at some specifications! Its back measures 22.5″x30.5″, with the seat at 19.8″x20.5”. The seat is adjustable by 17.3-21.5 inches. So, when it comes to specs, this one is up to the standard. In fact, if you compare these specs with other chairs in this price range, then you’ll truly understand the significance of them.

Beyond fitting itself to your natural body shape, this chair is also comfortable. Over its shaping foam, there is a PU leather casing that makes its elasticity much more durable. Your hours of gaming will seem like no work at all.

Thus, considering all the factors, this chair is the best overall in my opinion.


– Swivels 360 degrees
– Reclines between 90 and 180 degrees
– Can rock back and forth
– Takes only half an hour to assemble


– The heavy top might cause the chair to trip
– Armrests and reclines are non-adjustable.

AmazonBasics Big and Tall – Best for Tall Guys

A tall gaming chair shouldn’t be so hard to find or too complicated. That’s the idea behind this no-nonsense budget gaming chair from AmazonBasics. It’s in the name – if you’re a big and/or tall guy, this chair might be the perfect one for you.

To begin with, it looks great! It’s upholstered with smooth leather which goes on top of the back and seat cushions.

This chair is perfect for everyday use. Its durable design can support up to 350 pounds. What’s even better is that it’s fully adjustable.

It features no dearth of adjustable settings. You won’t have to struggle to find the right position to keep your body alignment and back support in place.

You can tilt or angle the chair to any setting of your preference. You can raise or lower the chair easily with the help of the pneumatic handle. Additionally, the adjustable lumbar mechanism gives extra support to your lower back.

The manufacturers didn’t forget the armrests, either. They’re padded, so your wrists, forearms, and hands don’t get tired. This chair is probably the best for adjustability.


– 360-degree swivel
– Adjustable struts and lumbar support
– Rolls smoothly using durable casters


– No locking capability for casters
– The back cannot be locked in an upright position

GTRACING Gaming Chair – Best for Back Pain

This chair is made from PU leather to augment its ergonomic design. It’s also multi-functional and can support your needs as a big and tall guy. Whether you’re working, studying or gaming, as a big guy, you have needs. And this chair can fulfill those essentials.

The main frame of this chair is made of metal. It features a headrest pillow along with a lumbar cushion to increase comfort. Of course, if you don’t prefer these additions, you can also get rid of the cushion.

Most users of this chair have sworn by its ability to remove back pain. It’s the best chair for comfort and efficiency.

Considering these specs, you wouldn’t be surprised after using it that this is the best gaming chair for heavy person.


– Looks stylish with a red and black color scheme
– Artificial leather is easy to clean
– Rocks back and forth
– Five-point base


– The armrests might be a bit too soft for your liking
– Base swivel of the chair is plastic, making it susceptible to cracking

VERTAGEAR PL6000 – Best Gaming Chair 400lbs

I won’t lie – I’m excited to tell you about this chair, and you’ll know why once you’ve read this review.

Right off the bat, the main reason this chair is special is because of its weight capacity. It can hold up to 440 pounds, so as a big guy, I can’t imagine what could be better for you. This is the best chair with more than 400 lbs. carry capability.

Something else I really love about this chair is its adjustability. There’s a world of swiveling capabilities with this chair.

It can also be raised and lowered, of course, but what I love is that its armrests are also adjustable. You can slide the armrests out and adjust their height as well. That’s something you would be hard pressed to find in other chairs.

The chair looks sleek and comfortable and offers firm support. It has a perforated cushion that aids your body’s natural temperature regulation, whether you’re gaming or working.

If you ask me, your search is over. This is the best gaming chair for fat guys!


– Takes only 10 minutes to set up
– Sturdy metal frame
– The armrest is highly adjustable


– Not ideal for those under 6 feet height
– Height might have problems aligning with your desk surface

Best Office Office Chair – Best Budget Product

Given the unavailability of cheap gaming chairs that also perform like more high-end ones, this chair is definitely a nice change. If your budget is short and you’re not as much of a heavy gamer, this chair is for you.

What’s more, this chair looks great. It’s made from PU leather and comes with a choice of black with red, blue, yellow or orange accents. So, whether it’s going in your office or your gaming room, it’ll definitely spice up the surroundings.

It offers an ergonomic design featuring a headrest pillow and recliner appendage along with adjustable lumbar support. The backrest is supremely adjustable as it can be set between a 90 degree to 155-degree safety angle.
Combined with this chair’s lock tilt adjustment abilities, you’ll have no trouble relieving pressure from being seated for long periods of time.

As for weight capacity, this chair can hold up to 250 pounds. That also makes it a good contender for the title of best gaming chair for tall person, especially if you’re on a budget.


– Assemblage takes about fifteen minutes
– Highly affordable
– Adjustable seat perfect for tall guys
– Ergonomic design


– Hydraulics may not be very durable
– Non-adjustable armrests

Homall Gaming Recliner – Best for Comfort

Tired of all the chairs on this list? Well, if a gaming chair isn’t really your style, there’s something much better – a gaming sofa! I mean, sure, they call it a recliner, but “sofa” is a far more accurate description, and better.

This sofa is designed specifically for gaming so it may not be very suited to working. Definitely, don’t consider this as an office chair.

Let’s look at the specs. The weight capacity is 265 pounds. The seat height is 17.7”, width 25.5”. The recliner also comes with an adjustable back and adjustable footrest. As for construction, it’s made from PU leather.

However, what I love particularly about this product is that compared to racing gaming chairs, it’s much softer and definitely bigger which makes it suited to long hours of gaming. Especially if you were overweight, this is particularly appealing.


– Can be reclined from 90 to 180 degrees
– Perfect for watching movies, gaming, and napping
– Unparalleled comfort


– Not especially suited to users taller than 6 feet
– Back doesn’t straighten out completely

X Rocker 51491 Extreme: Best for Leisure Activities

If you’re really looking for something different, it’s in the name of this product; it’s neither a chair nor a sofa/recliner, it’s a rocker!

That’s right. This bad boy just goes directly on your floor. And, true to its name, it has the ability to rock back and forth.

That’s what makes this product so unique and so great because it’s the ideal choice for nearly any leisure activity. Whether you’re gaming, watching TV or movies, or even just relaxing and thumbing through a good novel, that’s super easy to do on this rocker.

But it doesn’t even end there. This chair really goes all out, because it comes with stereo speakers! It has several input abilities. The 2.1 sound system also includes a ported powered sub-woofer.

What’s interesting than the AFM in the chair is able to create vibrational audio? Imagine that when you’re gaming or watching movies! I’m telling you – this rocker isn’t just a chair, it’s an experience.


– Provides an immersive audio experience
– Connects to a variety of gaming consoles
– The amazing audio quality for the price


– Not suited for working environments
– Might cause back problems over long periods of use

GTRACING Gaming Chair – Best for Adjustability

What’s the greatest thing about this brand is probably the importance they place on ergonomics? If you have a sedentary lifestyle, an ergonomic chair is essential for your health.

Not just that, this chair also prioritizes adjustability and personalization options. The backrest is already well suited to taller frames but is also adjustable between 90 and 170 degrees. The seat height and armrests are also able to be adjusted.

For increased comfort and convenience, the chair also features a headrest pillow that can be removed, along with a lumbar cushion for back support.

Let’s look at some specs. It measures at a 20.86″ length by 21.26 width. It’s up to 52” in height. The seat measures 15.35” x19.68”. Most importantly, it can carry a maximum of up to 300 pounds.


– Comes with assembly instructions
– Can be set up in under 20 minutes
– Highly customizable for the price


– The PU leather can heat up quickly
– Seat stitches may not hold up for very long

KILLABEE Reclining Memory – Best for Support

This chair has a range of functions and personalization options. The recline function of this chair can be manipulated up to 175 degrees, and it also has the capability to swivel 360 degrees. Another great feature is the adjustable back and headrest.

This chair’s comfortability is also enhanced by the high-density foam and PU leather used in its seat and cushion materials. The cushion itself is adjustable lumbar. Furthermore, the high seat and backrest enable good support and alignment of not only your neck but also your spine.

Time for some specs! This chair can hold up to 250 pounds of weight. It measures 26.0″ x 26.0″x 48.4″- 51.2″ (W x D x H), while the seating area comes in at 21.3″ x 20.1″ (W x D). Sounds like some pretty solid specs.

The durability of this chair is probably the best thing about it, however. The metal frame, coupled with a high-quality nylon base, gives this chair a very stable structure, which is especially beneficial to overweight users.


– Comes in many different colors
– Can be assembled in under 30 minutes
– Highly durable


– Does not recline automatically; manual recline
– No rocking features

Nokaxus Gaming Chair – Best for Heavy Duty Gaming

This is definitely one of the more heavy-duty gaming chair options out there at a mid-range price because it can accommodate up to 350 pounds. It offers a lot more than that, though.

After a long day of working or hours of gaming, your body can get tired. A chair that prioritizes ergonomics is, therefore, very important. This chair is designed to accommodate any and all body shapes, and also takes into account your need for personalization.

The back can be adjusted between 90 and 180 degrees. There is also a footrest should you choose to avail it. The armrests height is also adjustable. The wide backrest makes things that much easier, too.

But the best thing about this product is its massage giving abilities. Yes, you read that right—this chair comes with a massager! Although it’s not exactly a massage chair, whatever it does provide can make all the difference after long hours of working.

The chair is also very well constructed, which as you will find out, is very important.


– Has massaging abilities!
– The impressive color selection range
– Has a rocking option


– The tilting option isn’t very flexible
– Not suited to shorter frames as it incorporates many features

X Rocker 51396 Pro: Best for Audio Experience

So, the first thing you should know is that this is definitely not cheap. So, if you’re on a budget, you should probably skip this review, because it will definitely make you jealous.

This chair is made for an immersive, almost interactive audio experience. This gaming chair comes with two speakers inside the headrest, along with a subwoofer that integrates the manufacturer’s Audio Force Modulation Technology.

Gaming, watching a movie or listening to music is purely subjective experiences. That experience can be supremely augmented with audio that you can not only hear but feel. If that’s something you prioritize, I can’t think of a better chair for you.

Plus, this product comes with several audio input options, so you don’t have to worry about any hassle.
And the chair itself? Well, it prioritizes ergonomic design and has tilt and swivel options. Sounds like the chair of your dreams!


– Immersive audio experience
– Features vibrating options
– Ergonomic Design


– Wireless features may be difficult to control
– Not well suited to working environments

Max Gaming Chair – Best for Professionals

Once again, if you’re on a budget, skip this review. This is definitely on the high end of the price spectrum, but no one ever bought gold with a nickel! Let me tell you why this chair is worth the price.

This big guy is for serious, professional level gamers. It offers a full 180 degrees recline, which is much more than what standard gaming chairs on the market can offer you.

It also comes with adjustable armrests, which as we know is something many gaming chairs lack. You can adjust up and down, back and forth, and also swivel.

Seating is also just as important. This chair comes with a large flat seat, making it the perfect gaming chair for heavy person. And there’s no compromise on comfort, either.

These manufacturers understand the importance of creating a durable product, and that shows in how they have constructed this chair. The chair is supported by an aluminum base, which is 10x sturdier than steel. So, yeah, you can expect this thing to last many years.


– Made from high-quality materials
– A range of color options
– Super easy to clean


– The swivel option might be troublesome
– Low affordability

E-WIN Gaming Chair – Best for Durability

The structure of your gaming chair is one of the most important things you have to consider when buying one. This chair doesn’t skimp out on that, because the manufacturers know that the frame is all-important.

The foam used inside the chair is also high-quality, and the manufacturers claim that they produce it themselves. The sponge density ensures comfort and resists oxidation while retaining its elasticity.

What’s most impressive about this chair, though, is that its biggest model can hold up to 550lbs. That’s much more than what you can expect from standard gaming chairs on the market right now.


– Large wide seat suited to many different body types
– Comes in various size options
– High adjustability


– Limited rocking and reclining ability
– Head/neck pillow not adjusted too easily

OPSEAT Master Series – Best for Personalization

The manufacturers of this chair pride themselves on creating both comfort and performance. This is because they have created a chair that is easy to personalize, and one that will fit your needs without you even having to try so hard.

This means, of course, that the chair focuses on ergonomics. The contoured wings of the chair make it especially easy to achieve this. The lumbar and neck pillows are not only adjustable but also removable.

So how about some specs then? The chair stands at a height of 51″-53″ tall (it’s adjustable). The seat is between 15″ and 21″ with an 18″ depth. The backrest boasts a 15” width which makes it perfect for you if you’re a big guy.

Fun fact about this manufacturer, and something to love they sponsor e-sports! So, you know that they’re not just making chairs for the money, but for love of the lifestyle itself.


– Reclines 180 degrees
– Supreme tilting abilities
– Specifically suited to taller guys


– Might squeak from time to time
– The incorrect assembly might cause it to wobble

Marvel Gaming Chair – Best for Kids

If the person you’re looking to buy a gaming chair for a younger one, this is a great option. The guys at Neo Chairs have gotten themselves a license to be able to use your favorite superheroes on their chairs. What else could you possibly ask for?

The Marvel logos of Stark Industries or Spider-Man are not screen printed on this chair but rather embroidered and stitched, making it a valuable addition if you are a superhero fan.

Not only does this chair look great and will probably fulfill all your kid’s (or maybe yours!) wishes of being a superhero in the gaming world, it also performs fantastically.

The armrests of this chair are able to rotate, move backward, forward, up and down. The height is adjustable and can be reclined due to the tilts at the bottom. It can also recline up to 180 degrees!


– Seats are made from comfortable elastic sponge
– Features 4D adjustable armrests
– Ideal for children


– Height adjustment mechanism might not be too strong
– A bit Expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying Gaming Chair For Big Buys


things to buy gaming chair you should consider weight capacity durability and there price

As we have just seen, the possibilities when it comes to buying a gaming chair are endless. The right gaming chair is one of the best ways to personalize your gaming or working experience, and you should absolutely place high importance on researching them.

For example, the most comfortable gaming chair may not be the most affordable one, or even the one best suited to you as a big person. The best-looking ones may not be the best fit for your health. And some will offer all of these and more.

I know, the range of options is dizzying.

So, to help you decide better, here’s a round-up of the most pertinent points to consider when you’re looking to buy a gaming chair or build your own gaming chair.

Weight Capacity

The main difference between a regular gaming chair and a big and tall gaming chair is obviously its ability to hold your weight.

For an overweight or tall person, hours of reclining or sitting in the same position can cause many health problems. This can be made especially worse without the right chair that is able to accommodate your weight or frame.

This is particularly true when you consider the fact that gaming chairs are meant to support the weight distribution of a whole person in various positions. You could be sitting up straight, reclining, or even hanging off the side in a manner that befits the lazy gamer.

Regular computer chairs are able to hold about 250 pounds of weight. Big and tall gaming chairs, though, are made to handle an impressive range of 300 to 800 pounds.

One important factor to consider is, even if you are on the larger side, not every gaming chair for big guys could be for you. Just like how it might actually cause health complications for a skinny person to sit in a much larger chair for long periods of time, the same is true for you.

So as a person with unique dimensions, weight capacity is definitely the first thing you should check.

Base Durability

How the base of the gaming chair is constructed is a huge contributor to the chair’s overall performance. That’s why this is the second most important factor. Even more so considering the fact that it augments the chair’s weight capacity as well.

Obviously, the best computer chair for long hours being used by a big and tall person must have a strong base. Especially if you plan on using it heavily, the chair’s base must be able to support the rest of the chair in trying to hold up your entire frame.

It’s therefore important to select a chair from a manufacturer which prioritizes the construction of the frame. This is also where a consideration of the quality of the materials of construction comes into question.

As a big guy, the chair’s base durability should be one of your top priorities, even if this means skipping out on other features. For example, you may have to forego a cooler looking chair if you’re unsure about the quality of its construction.

Moreover, the chair’s overall durability is also dependent on this.

Finally, remember, your chair is not only there for your comfort, but also to ensure that less pressure is placed on you and your body. Your health comes first, especially if you’re already overweight. That’s why the base is important!


Unfortunately, although sitting might seem like the easiest thing to do, it can still prove to be one of the most taxing conditions for your body. Countless studies attribute a number of health issues to what is called “The Sitting Disease.”

Of course, in most cases there’s not much you can do about it. A sedentary lifestyle is sometimes necessary for most people, especially if you’re working a desk job. But you should always strive to make the situation better.

That’s where ergonomics come in. It is the study of how a person’s work life can be improved, and this involves researching and manufacturing chairs and desks that promote a healthier workplace environment.

Ergonomics weren’t researched on so heavily for no reason. Given how much of our time is spent sitting in front of workstations and desks, we must take into account what we’re putting our body through.

The most comfortable gaming chair will place importance on ergonomic design and adjustability. When buying, ask how flexible this chair is to different seating needs and preferences. Especially when you consider that being overweight can increase the likeliness of lower back pain, ergonomics is very important.

Especially if you’re looking for the best gaming chair for tall person, you should be looking for a chair with an already high backrest, or one with a backrest that can be adjusted. Ergonomically or not, a high backrest should be a priority to you.

Seat width is another important consideration that many may overlook. Even if it seems wide enough, you have to ascertain if it will allow for increased movement during gaming or working. Especially if your body mass is high, seat width can determine how your weight is distributed.

It should be noted, however, that chairs on the lower end of the pricing spectrum might offer lower comfort, or not prioritize on an ergonomic design.


As I have just mentioned, adjustability of the chair is directly related to the comfort levels you can hope to achieve with your chair

As I have just mentioned, adjustability of the chair is directly related to the comfort levels you can hope to achieve with your chair. The best office chairs for big guys will, therefore, prioritize the customization options.

This includes seat height, armrest height and or width, recline angle, and swivel.

If you’re tall, especially, adjustable seat height is very important. The seat should be high enough that your legs are a good height away from your waist, enabling you to rest your feet on the floor. This is going to ensure good posture.

If you’re on the heavier side, it’s very important that you buy a chair that maximizes reclining ability naturally by its frame construction. This is, once again, related to base durability as I mentioned earlier.

A gaming chair for a heavy person should also have armrests whose width can be adjusted. This is because your upper arms and elbows are weight distribution points for your upper body, which is the part you use to do your gaming and working.

Furthermore, if the armrests have the ability to move sideways, your weight will be distributed better and remove stress from your arms and wrists. However, it must be noted that you’re unlikely to easily find a chair that offers so much adjustability for armrests. That’s going to take some further research.

Many gaming chairs also come with adjustable footrests or recline extending appendages. A lot of the time, it can be difficult to ascertain whether a chair will be able to provide continued comfort. Depending on your frequency of use, extensions and appendages can prove to be an important addition to your chair.


As we have already established, the construction of the gaming chair contributes greatly to its ability to serve your needs as a big person with high-intensity gaming or working needs.

This includes the material the chair is built from because that will determine its ability to withstand long durations of use and general wear and tear. The material used for seating and cushions can determine to a considerable extent how long your chair will last you, and in how many ways you can use it.

You should know that seats of chairs on the lower end of the price spectrum are usually built from PU leather to increase affordability. However, PU leather isn’t real leather; as such, it might not be as durable as genuine leather or other durable materials such as soft weave fabric.

What you’re thinking is right. Better materials do mean a higher price range but consider that as an investment.

If you want a heavy-duty gaming chair that is also able to last you for longer, you’re going to have to spend a little more. Look into the cover material, padding material, and additional features such as leg and armrest constriction.

Remember, if your chair seat doesn’t hold up for very long, or cracks and splits sooner rather than later, you’re just going to end up having to buy one all over again.

Space Management

Despite it being such a common sight in the many gamer YouTubers’ videos you’ve probably watched, not every gamer has a fully decked-out gaming space. They are not always able to organize and decorate according to their wishes.

In which case, a large gaming chair may actually be more of a hindrance. This is especially true if your office or gaming station is in a small space. You know how important it is to find a chair that won’t be an inconvenience despite increasing your comfort.

In such cases, you are better off seeking out chairs that have the ability to be folded and tucked when you’re not using it. These types might be difficult to find, but they are available.

This also means, of course, that you will have to be very thorough regarding the dimensions of the chair, especially concerning the dimensions of your gaming or work area. Even if you don’t get a folding model, you will still have to ensure that the chair won’t be a burden.

In such situations, be careful about buying online. Double check the size, weight and folding specifications before you order so as to avoid disappointment when the chair arrives to you in real life. And make sure there is a strong return policy in place.

Chair Type


there are many type of gaming chair such as PC gaming chair Platform Gaming Chairs Hybrids gaming chair

As we have seen, the most common and widely available gaming or office work chairs are upright standing ones that are able to recline. These are usually perfectly suited to high-intensity work or gaming sessions.

But what if you’re not someone who has to spend that much time in front of their computer? If you’re an occasional gamer or only have to work from time to time, a chair may not be as beneficial as a sofa. They are bigger and softer, and much better for casual use.

In some cases, they may even be better suited to heavy duty, especially if you’re on the bigger side in terms of weight. What’s important is your comfort.

If you go back to the review list, you will see that I have discussed a few options which are not chairs, but sofas. The best gaming chair for a heavy person may not be a chair after all. So, when you’re looking for the best office chairs for big guys, don’t forget your options.


If you’re an especially enthusiastic gamer, chances are that you’ve set up your own space or room exclusively for gaming. And if you’re lucky or have a bigger budget, you have space to think about the looks of your chair.

The decoration of your gaming room has to be adjusted accordingly as.

Luckily for you, many manufacturers of gaming and office chairs today understand the importance of providing you with a chair that not only ticks all the boxes of comfort and convenience but also of the coolness factor.

Many gaming chairs come in a variety of colors, and some are even customizable in terms of appearance.

What’s even more interesting is that some chair types also incorporate additional appearance boosters such as LED lights. It sounds extra, yeah, but life is short! If you play a lot of video games, that can set the mood greatly and get you going for a good, long session.

Additional Features

As I’ve just said, it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra if you want to step up your chair game. If you’re willing to shell out a higher amount, especially, there are many additional features that you can reward yourself with.

For example, many mid- to high-end gaming chairs come with Bluetooth speakers. That can definitely augment your gaming experience, especially if you don’t already have a sound system installed. It’s like a 2-in-1 deal, am I right?

Even better are the chairs that are compatible with a multitude of gaming consoles or systems. These are the ones that incorporate designs that accommodate wiring and connection.

Some chairs really take it up a notch by also incorporating massaging abilities. Just imagine the possibilities!

However, as I have already mentioned, you can expect features of this sort only if you’re willing to spend extra money.

That also means that you have to be cautious about not being ripped off. While some manufacturers might charge higher for additional options, keep in mind that they are chair manufacturers!

Furthermore, cheaper gaming chairs that come with such additional features are best avoided, as you can’t place much stock in their quality and dependence.

That’s pretty much it for the buying guide. A final word—make sure you read some reviews before you make your final decision!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a gaming chair cost?

As we have just seen, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. As such, the price range is quite large. It can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be according to your preferences.

Factors that determine price include but are not limited to quality, construction, material, and additional features and functionality. Make a budget before you choose a chair!

Why should you choose a gaming chair instead of a regular chair?

The easiest answer is comfort and health. Gaming chairs are designed specifically for those who have a primarily sedentary lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to find the most comfortable gaming chair for you.

This also means that if you have health concerns, you should especially prioritize a gaming chair. Regular chairs will only be a place to sit and not provide you with the support you need.

What is the difference between an office chair and a gaming chair?

Most office chairs are designed to be used in offices or fit in with the general environment and appearance of a workplace. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, are geared towards comfort, as I have already said. They are also made with a softer material that is made to endure long periods of sitting.

However, many gaming chairs also double as working or office chairs. Choose one according to your lifestyle.

What is the best gaming chair?

As mentioned before, there is a diverse range of gaming chairs and pricing points. Each chair is different and offers various features. What chair you choose depends entirely on your budget first, and preferences second.

There are many brands for you to choose from. You will need to do some research to see which one fits your individual needs best.

What are the types of gaming chairs?

There are so many! The options are endless. The racing game chair, the video rocker, the pedestal or the bean bag are just to name a few of the more popular models.

Each of these types of chairs has its own distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Once again, research!

Do gaming chairs affect gameplay experience?

Definitely. However, this can vary depending on what kind of chair you’ve chosen for yourself. Some chairs, as we have seen, come with audio immersion options or can connect directly to your gaming console.

And when you’re comfortable, it goes without saying that you’ll probably perform better, right?


When we started this reviewing journey together, you were probably thinking, “I’m such a biggy, how will I ever find the best gaming chair for big guys?” Or maybe you were thinking, “Are gaming chairs worth it?”

Now that we’ve reached the end, I hope I can safely say that you’ll agree with me on the fact that they are very much worth it, and that the best ones on the market are worth your attention.

However, be careful about considering your options, as there are many. As we have seen, there are many factors to take into consideration. Hopefully, my review will help you choose wisely.

Good luck and happy gaming!

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