Top 7 Best 120mm AIO Coolers for Gaming and Computing

Even the best AM4 CPU still needs better air supply for your motherboard’s components for sustained performance.

Cutting down on heat generation has tons of short and long-term gains for your PC. Without proper cooling support, there’s a high chance of your system getting totaled in a short while.

Several techniques significantly aid cooling your system during operation. But the best 120mm AIO coolers are ideal for enhancing better heat dissipation for your running PC.

And if you’ve keen on a high-powered motherboard for ryzen for Intel or another processor, cooling is key.

But selecting the right 120mm AIO cooler could be tasking, particularly with incorrect info. Many options come from shabbily put together processes and won’t deliver premium heat reduction.

If you’re not sure where to get the best AIO coolers for your PC, don’t despair!

Seven top coolers ideal for a range of motherboards are available in this piece. And if you’re keen on significant cooling support, the info this piece fuels a better buying choice.

Also, buyers keen on a quick pick will undoubtedly fancy the recommended options and comparison table below.

Leverage all this piece offers right now, and pick the CPU liquid cooler capable of boosting your PC’s performance.

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Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2

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With a radiator measuring 120mm, this cooler comes with impressive cooling potential. It has an advanced system designed to allow users to get custom fans and lighting controls.

And its 49mm surface area assures significant cooling within a shorter time. A wide range of AMD and Intel motherboards are compatible with this cooler, based on its universal-fit construction.

And that’s not all!

Also, this system comes with an impressive 77 CFM airflow rating for smoother CPU cooling during the performance. The system also has an improved pump design. Its innovative build focuses on delivering better airflow without making too much noise.

It’s a recommended choice for several computing needs and is sure to boost your PC’s performance without hassle!


Best 120mm AIO Coolers for Gaming

1. Corsair Hydro Series H60 – Best CPU Liquid Cooler

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If you’ve got your sights set on a CPU liquid cooler with significant performance potential, check this out.

Its torrent of features will undoubtedly pick your fancy and guarantee better operation ease for your system.

The fan speed can run within 600 ~ 1700RPM due to its custom acceleration control. Its 120mm high-powered radiator enhances cooling for your PC’s components in a short while.

And when it comes to airflow, this liquid CPU cooler offers improved burst for better PC performance. With a 57.2 CFM airflow rating at a 28.3dBA noise level, you get more cooling for less noise.

Impressive designs on this H60 system assures enhanced installation support and suits several sockets.

An LED-lit pump head on this cooler delivers a better decorative and monitoring ease for the user. With its bright white light, current users can have a decent look into their system during operation. Such illumination also enhances your PC’s overall outlook.

Also, an innovative build on this fan’s pump and cold plate promotes increased cooling during operation. Thermal optimization is a major focus of this design targeted towards increased heat dissipation potential.

A careful look at this cooler shows it has the potential to deliver better heat transfer support. Several current users trust it as a preferred pick, so it should be one choice you fancy snapping up.

2. NZXT Kraken M22 120mm – Best 120mm AIO Cooler with Long Warranty Cover

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CPU builders searching for a worthy investment should fancy this option. Check out its specs and features below. It could be what your PC needs for enhanced heat transfer and increased performance.

Enhanced cooling performance is a sure thing from this CPU cooler through its powerful 3000-RPM pump speed.  Its airflow rating gets a sure boost through the impressive radiator dimension. At 152mm by 120mm by 30mm, better airflow is a sure thing from this cooler.

Also, it features an impressive noise range sure not to disturb your need for smoother computing. With its 21 ~ 38dBA noise level, users can be sure of quieter cooling during operation.

The fan runs several control features through its CAM software (requires Windows 10). Ten LED modes can get tweaked from this fan for a customized appearance through this software. Using the CAM software also provides smart/audio control options.

An infinity mirror build comes with this AIO cooler, but that’s not its only interesting feature. It features several monitoring channels to check out the liquid temperature, pump speed, and more.

The fans on this unit also come with designs targeted at better PC liquid cooling. All these features get a sure boost through this system’s generous warranty cover.

An authorized buy of this cooler assures up to six years of coverage for customer support. With such a wide warranty period, buyers are sure of more value for money.

The NZXT 120mm AIO cooler has a wide range of features focused on better cooling of your PC.

3. CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120L – Best AIO Liquid Cooler

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Shoppers searching for the best 120mm AIO cooler that has AMD and Intel motherboard support should check this option.

With an impressive 6.2” by 4.7” by 1.1” dimension, this liquid cooler is an ideal fit for several casings. Also, its high-density 120mm radiator provides ample support for increased cooling potential.

Also, two tubes on this cooler add to its impressive appearance and overall cooling performance.

EPDM material is the chosen material for putting this cooler’s shell together. With this shell, better cooling is easier to manage. Also, it comes with an anti-leakage support designed to make the most of its pre-filled liquids.

The RGB controller (wired) on this cooler is another feature worth checking out. Its impressive light and color effects enhance its decorative appeal.

AMD Ryzen and Intel LGA CPU sockets support this cooler, making it a universal choice for increased cooling.

Its closed-loop design also enhances the airflow potential from this cooler for significant heat dissipation support.

The features from this close-loop CPU cooler make it a brilliant choice worth considering as a top choice.

4. Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB – Best CPU Cooler For Overclocking

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If you’re searching for a CPU cooler with increased controls and better heat transfer potential, check this out. It has many features capable of satisfying your cooling needs.

With an 80.9 CFM airflow rating, this CPU cooler is one top choice for significant airflow support. Its high-powered airflow assures swifter heat transfer from your motherboard and its components.

At a 37.6dB noise level, this CPU cooler offers enhanced operation with a minimal disturbance output.

Through ASUS Live-dash controls, the 1.77” OLED panel in this cooler offers system stats for increased monitoring.

A fantastic collection of colors features in this cooler through its Aura Sync feature. Through this feature, several hues get updated and can get rendered from your cooler.

The fan also promotes better noise control during cooling through its PWM fan/pump control. It’s one of the few fans out there with increased airflow and enhanced radiator performance.

An aluminum pump covering comes with this unit to assure a sturdier design. Also, it features a sleeve tubing with enhanced reinforcements targeted towards this cooler’s longevity.

Shoppers for the best CPU cooler for overclocking should consider getting this option. With its impressive features and controls, better heat dissipation could become natural.

5. Enermax Aquafusion 120 – Best 120mm AIO Water Cooler

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Do you need a liquid cooler with durable construction and standout features? Chances are this could be the AIO cooler ideal for your PC.

About 16.8m color options with ten preset themes give this fan a brilliant appearance during operation. It’s 400mm tubing also assures a better boost for fitting in several mainstream systems without hassle.

And its 154mm by 120mm by 27mm is an ideal fit for several fan housings.

RGB sync features on this cooler to enhance its potential for supporting even more colors. Also, its SCT tech triggers better heat transfer performance overall.

It also comes with a universally-compatible design capable of fitting several CPU sockets.

Your heated search for the best AIO cooler could halt with this option. Its impressive spec sheet makes it an option compatible with several sockets. So if you’re keen on a multi-support cooler, this could be what you need.

6. EVGA CLC 120mm – Best All-in-One 120mm AIO Cooler

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An enhanced design and a slew of eye-catching features could make this cooler your preferred option. Consider checking out what it’s got on offer for better heat dissipation support.

The 58.8 CFM rating from this fan promotes increased airflow and swifter feat transfer from your PC.

Also, this cooler comes with a 20-decibel noise level. Such an impressive noise rating guarantees quieter operation and smoother performance.

The wide 120mm radiator dimension on this unit increases chances of your PC getting improved cooling support.

Customization is another essential feature from this cooler. The fan can get future tweaks and upgrades for swifter functionality.

The copper base on this unit also promotes better cooling potential and better heat transfer.

Are you searching for the best CPU liquid cooler? The features in this cooler could be what your PC needs for smoother, zero-hassling performance.

7. Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 – Best AIO Cooler with Customizable Speed Control

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The cache of specs from this AIO cooler makes it a brilliant choice you need to check out. With all if offers, it could be what your PC needs to perform better.

Heat dissipation gets a sure boost from this system with its 120mm radiator. And its 49mm depth promotes significant support for better cooling.

With a 77 CFM airflow rating, this cooler also supports better heat transfer in record time.

It comes with a set of durable tubing connected to its main unit. Also, it features support for easily monitoring coolant temperature, fan speed monitoring, and more.

PC builders looking for the best 120mm AIO water cooler should fancy this option. With its focus on greater customization, the cooler can suit several PC heat transfer needs without hassle.

AIO vs. Air Cooler

An AIO cooler offers significant cooling support ahead of traditional air coolers. AIO liquid coolers come with pre-filled liquids that facilitate better heat transfer from your motherboard.

And since the cooling potential of water is greater than air in an enclosed space, AIO coolers perform better.

Are AIO coolers worth it?

AIO coolers could be a difference-maker when it comes to assuring better heat transfer during challenging PC operations.

The differences between AIO and air coolers may be permissible in general computing. But for processes capable of generating more heat in your PC, air coolers have an advantage.

In a nutshell, air coolers are worth your investment.


Do you need to refill AIO coolers?

No, you don’t need to refill liquid coolers.

Most AIO coolers come pre-filled with required liquids and don’t need any maintenance in the long run.

Is AIO better than air?

AIO coolers are better than air chillers due to their overall liquid transfer during component heat reduction. AIO coolers dissipate heat faster than conventional air options, giving them a performance edge.

What is the best 120mm AIO?

Top 7 120mm AIO coolers

  • Corsair Hydro Series H60
  • NZXT Kraken M22 120mm
  • CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120L
  • Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB
  • Enermax Aquafusion 120
  • EVGA CLC 120mm
  • Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2

What is the best AIO for gaming?

Top 5 120mm AIO Coolers for Gaming PCs

  • NZXT Kraken M22 120mm
  • CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120L
  • Asus ROG RYUO 120 RGB
  • EVGA CLC 120mm
  • Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2


Making an excellent choice for the best 120mm AIO coolers doesn’t come any easier. With the objective info provided in this review, you’re sure to make a quick, satisfying choice in no time.

And with the performance these coolers assure, getting better heat dissipation for your system becomes less-hassling!

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